Friday, August 8, 2014


you guys. 

let me just tell you how un-fun it is to have an ear infection.

o h. m y. w o r d.

i can't hear a thing. 
my nodes are swollen a crazy amount,
i can't really chew anything 
because i can't clamp down all the way
because holycrapOW!

i'm just thankful that the day it set it, the house was clean.
the day before, we cleaned everything except the floors, 
which i took care of that morning, before it was too bad.

my kids have been zoned out in front of screens. 
and that's just okay, because momma has to do what momma must.

does that keep the baby from getting into everything?


but the older two kids have been doing a fairly good job of helping me tame the beast.

pretty much i feel like my throbbing ear is going to cause my whole face to explode.

but i have sweet friends who are stepping in to pray in the name of Jesus on my behalf. 
even though i was hesitant to ask for prayers for myself.

so i'm in mucho pain.

but i'm thankful.
i'm praising Jesus IN this small trial.

because He is still good.
because He set around me (via interwebs and real life) praying homies.
because He blessed me with a gap between older and younger boys.
therefore, older boys can help keep tabs on the babies.
because He blessed me with such an understanding husband.
even when there was nothing for him to eat.
because i know He hurts when we hurt.

even when it's just an ear ache.

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