Monday, September 29, 2014

brennen is F O U R.

oh, my little love.
my fourth born boy,
on your fourth birthday.

how precious you are to this family, my boy.
you just radiate sunshine and rainbows,
roses and butterflies,
yes, son, you are quite possibly the happiest kid on the planet.
you jump and bounce and twirl and skip
and do this deep throaty giggle-laugh that just makes us smile.
you, my baby, are the smiliest. 
you are the sweetest.
you always want hugs.
you always give hugs.
and you must always kiss us goodbye before we leave.
and say, "see ya later, alligator."
every. single. time.

and you strip nekkid the second you get a chance.
that is, 
after you've put on forty different outfits
and eleventy-four pairs of socks.

you love guns, and climbing, and all things super hero,
and beanies, and glubbs, and thankfully, you love your brothers, too.

we love you so much, sweet boy.
please, pretty please, stay happy-go-lucky.
stay insanely bouncy.
stay silly as ever.
just stay you. always be you, my love.

happy birthday B.

high fives in the cake. whoops.


  1. Sounds like you described my almost 4 year old boy! :)
    Love watching your family grow...

  2. happy bday B!!! big boy in his insanely awesome batman undies! yay!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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