Friday, September 12, 2014

friday's top ten 09.12.2014

dang. three weeks straight?
on. a. roll. y'all.

not having the instant gratification of instagram has awarded me time to really think
about what it is i want to log and write down and post.
i try to only facebook check when it is business related or when i'm sharing my blog
with my family on there. 
sometimes, though, i admit, when i am completely by myself, i may pop in an extra time or two.
but i try not to scroll. i try to just check my groups and be done.

so. here it is:

1. guys. it's supposed to below 70F again this weekend (68 today, 70 tomorrow) and rainy. eek! 
i sort of start feeling like i'm in oklahoma again when it rains and feels like this this time of year.

2. so. i'm sort of obsessed with the myers-briggs personality types. mostly my own.
and mine happens to be the rarest of all types, INFJ.
and if you want to know more about my type, 
i made a pinterest board and, uh, it totally explains me. a lot.
and makes so much that i was confused about for so long make sense.
'tis also why i when i get weird or off feelings about someone, 
they are usually spot on. i could never (and still can't) explain the why behind it.
but now i know that getting those weird vibes is something normal among INFJ'ers.

3. if you can guess what is going on here, you will win a prize.
note: prize is a pretend prize. and i will reveal what is actually happening in a few posts.

4. i used to feel like this when accessorizing. 
but since i've become a jewelry consultant
i feel like i am in the know and i am fully confident in how to put myself together.
that feels good, y'all.

5. i love him. 
 and i'm hoping we actually get to go out on a date tomorrow night.
my ideal situation is to have a sitter always willing to sit for us.
but no such luck. yet. i'm confident thee perfect sitter is out there.
out kids are easy. and we pay.

6. i be going out with a girlfriend tonight!
{insert redonk happy dance to the tune of "shake it off"}

7. this dog. she literally lays and sits against me all. the. time.
and if i go into the bathroom? 
she sits against the door til i walk out.
she's just a tad clingy.
i love 'er. 
but sometimes i gotta push her off me.

8. also, and somewhat related:
after spending over an hour belly laughing
like a fool last night
over cat meme's on pinterest,
i want a kitten.
  First world cat problems... this is my Sadie
14 Hilarious Pet Pictures
i want a black kitten. like so:

Totally gonna torture my black cat lol its friggin so cute!
Not One Bit of Bad Luck, Here! What a Beautiful Kitten~❥

black kitten 1 by ~martap84 on deviantART

gimme all da black cats!

9. all the fall Target coffee is on the shelves now.
*oh happy, happy sigh.

10. peeps everywhere are popping out babies or turning up pregnant.
and i'm over here all,
am i done? are we done?
we said we're done.
why are my ovaries jumping?
did my uterus just verbally ask for more babies?!
no, we're done.
we're done!
i think we're done.
five kids really do eat a lot.
we should be done.
blasted baby fever.


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