Friday, September 19, 2014

friday's top ten. 09.19.2014

your {not so weekly, except lately it has been weekly} dose of random.
in words and iphone images.

1. last sunday morning.

2. he froze. the giant crowd in the auditorium on wednesday night did him in.
and he wouldn't budge. 
then kicked and fought when i picked him up to carry him.
too. many. people, he says.
also, sleepy.

3. brennen: {walking up to me} "let me see how old you are." {squats, measuring tape in hand. extends tape} "wow, mom."

4. at group last night, this mister fell asleep on one of our friends. 
sweetest thing. 
then i caught him laying like this when i came to bed.

5. kanyon had a dream that if they were extra good, we would reward them with a surprise.
this dream resulted in him cleaning the kitchen, picking up the floor, and cleaning his room. unprompted.
and before school even started.
that's like a win without even trying.

6. sometimes breakfast looks like this:

7. at first glance, boobs.
but no, those are just pictures on the shirt he drew.

8. we start 'em young 'round here.
 just kidding.
he wasn't really doing english or copy work.
but i had you fooled, didnt' i?

9. rain, you guys. r a i n.
and not like the usual,
pour for thirty minutes.
no, no, no.
rain for days. and nights. and more days.
be still my ever lovin' heart.

10. speaking of rain.
bring. on. the. fall.

enjoy the weekend.

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