Friday, September 26, 2014

friday's top ten 09.26.2014

'ello, peeps.
here's some random news about yours truly.

  (not him. I just needed a photo for this post.)

1. i really love to bake. mainly, i love making desserts. of all kinds. 
and as my small group knows, i pretty much like to try new recipes all the time.

2. i have only been on an airplane once in my life, and it was a year and a half ago.
i am hopping back on an airplane this spring.
and i. can't. wait!

3. i hate that my kids are growing up in a fence.
i mean, i grew up with room to run and play, with no fences,
just a big-o yard and woods to roam around in.
and i survived.
i want that for my boys. 
maybe someday, right?

4. i love house shopping.
i love finding my "new" house 
and i love finding it where i hope to one day live.
i find my new house a lot.

5. pepperoni and black olive pizza is my favorite.
but beef (steak) is a super close second.
also, chocolate.

6. i met my husband at a grocery store when i was a 16 year old baby.
he was in the cool crowd at his school.
i was not in the cool crowd at my school.

7. if i could do it all over again, every single one of my babies would be home birth babies.
my fifth born was born in my bedroom, 
and i'd take a natural birth over medicated a million times over.
women are way more capable and powerful than given credit for by ourselves, other women,
and medical staff.
seriously, the female form is freakin' powerful and amazing when it's time to birth a baby.
just believe in yourself. 
that is all.

8. i despise the phrase, "my so and so is better than your so and so."
it's really kind of mean.
and rude.
and i'm not a fan of rude.

9. the bedtime routine? not my thang.
daddy does bedtime,
i sit back quietly and kiss them goodnight when it's time.

10. i tried to join the air force once so we'd have a nice steady income
from both of us.
but my thyroid condition got in my way.


  1. yay for number 7! where are you going to in the spring?

    1. I am going back up to Washington (!) for my second visit to my bff!

  2. Where in WA? That's so close to home. Its beautiful around here isn't it? :)

    1. Graham, Washington. about an hour away from Seattle (though I don't know which direction. :) ).

      Absolutely gorgeous there. I'd love to live there someday.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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