Monday, September 22, 2014

life lately, in the random.

a few random things
i don't know if you know this about me. 
my curse is bugs in my drinks.
kid. you. not.

the other morning, i made myself quite the tasty coffee.
'twas perfection.
i sat it in the window and started on my devo.
then i noticed a mosquito buzzing around my face.
usually flies dive into my cups and the occasional moth.
but for real, i thought to myself,
better pick this up and drink it before a bug destroys it.
alas, it was too late. *sigh.
blasted thing.

sometimes i never know what i'll find in the toilet.
this time, hot sauce.
i cleaned the toilet, fished out the bottle,
but was verrry careful where my booty touched the toilet.
that junk lingers forever. 
no burnsies.

my frand and i went out on a frand date the other day.
our husbands had a video game day. because, boys.
(side note: i seriously just fished a fly out of my jar that holds my washi tape.
the curse is not limited to beverages.)
ahem. we sent to a paint your own pottery joint.
oh dear me, when can we go again?!
it was fun. even though, i have zero talent, 
and like all good crafters, take my ideas from pinterest.

(finished product will be so much brighter and /or darker!)

the sermon on sunday covered resting on the sabbath.
i'm a big sabbath-rest advocate. i buh-leed in it.
so i watched tv while i dozed. and then i used some more yarn 
scraps to add to my scrappy crocheted blankie.
i also worked on weaving in ends on another multicolored, multirowed blankie i've been making
for forever. 'twas restful and relaxing.
today? i laundry. and i work. and i do stuffs that need be done.

we're in this stage where only daddy can get him to nap.
and when he doesn't actually go to sleep for a nap, he falls asleep on peeps.
like this.

i had to hostess coach a sweet hostess just before lunch today for her jewelry show in a couple weeks.
so i decided to spontaneously tell my eldest to get his shoes on and grab his school books,
he's going with me. we went to lunch (and finished his school for the day),
then i took him to Bux, where i knew he'd be happy as a clam to sit and read
outside with me. 
when we got home, he cheerfully said that was the most fun day!
momma's instincts knew he needed a day out.

dear moms,
date your kids.
another mom.
ps, it does not have to be fancy pants. just do it. do it.


  1. ohhh i love those two last pictures! andrew, my oldest, giggled to himself when i asked him if he would go on a date with me. but i know that i can't make him read when we do go on that would be disastrous. i just hope he grows to love it in a few years. PS. lol at the hot sauce! PSS. miss you on IG!

    1. my oldest is such a bookworm, that I *knew* he'd love a "coffee" date with a good book. :)

      and... miss you on IG as well.

  2. Ack! i've typed out 2 comments so far and I keep messing up the google sign in and erasing my comment! Ugggg. So anyway, i'll try again. Miss you on IG! So glad i can still come here and see your lovely family. I used to blog daily but I am oh so behind that I don't even know how to start again.... you're kinda inspiring me. :) And the hot sauce, hahaha!!!!


    1. I miss your sweet family and beautiful face on IG, too! I still follow your blog, so when you do pick it back up... I'll be reading right along!


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