Thursday, September 11, 2014

life lately. iphoneography

our life lately with phone photos.
edited with the PicTapGo app.

  • mommy snuggles.
  • with an apple.
  • bath + apple.
  • hosea.
  • first night of kids small group.
  • nakie grey draws.
  • brooke is nerdy.
  • bedtime.
  • bedtime close up.
  • outside with the boys (and creepy staring lady).
  • daddy and big kids filming. also: escapee dogs.
  • b: stomp all the bugs. jo: pick up all the bugs.
  • watering the weeds. 
  • wear all the neutrals (navy. gray. black).

{and look on the right side bar. i'm officially on bloglovin' now. also, i could not get my images to align properly.}

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