Sunday, September 7, 2014

our days. v2

it's been two years since i have done a 'day in the life' post. 
so i thought i'd do another.
it's been on mind for a month or so now.

i try to wake before the kids. my lights are on a timer to come on around 6ish.
waking up before them means i am more likely to not be the grouchy bearmom.
i do not love mornings. at all, as most of you know.
so this helps.

lately my coffee of choice is a bulletproof PSL.
and i love the french press. like, times a million.
so i make my coffee. i take my time and enjoy the quiet and the dark.
lights never come on in my house unless it's dire.

or unless i'm starting my devo. then i'll turn on more lights in the house.
i try to finish up before the kids wake up lately.
but that's not always the case. and i try to just roll with it.
though, honestly, some days, i get cranky about it.

 once the boys are up, a myriad of things start happening.
kanyon is a the same kind of morning person i am.

taylan makes breakfast for all the boys.
and usually i mill around getting dressed or prepping for the day.
 this day, i went into the office to do a little work before we dove in to school.
i got a little laundry going.
checked my email.
shared a blog post.

i'm not sure what's going on here, except that grey was trying put back the mess he made.
pretty typical. he's super talented at mess making.

we started a new checklist folder system. so far, it's working beautifully. 
so the boys work on this with our help in the mornings.

at some point, there is the inevitable diaper change.
it is still hard for me to believe i only have one baby in diapers.
i just told him today he needs to use the potty so momma can be done with diapers.
i mean, do you know how many changes that is with five boys?!
a bamillion.

once everyone is done with their folders, the day starts.
greyson just does whatever. usually he's destructive.
but sometimes he's cute and actually does something other than a mess.

she does what she do.
elk antlers and lounging.

this day, i rolled out some paper for the littler boys.
greyson naturally takes it upon himself to get himself a pencil.

i go over english with taylan.
and he gets busy on his side of it.

jo and b play outside for a while before it's too hot.
and yes, our weeds really are as tall as the window.
because. crap. weeds are the only thing that grow in our yard.
plus the weed-eater is broken right now.
so that does not help the situation.
or it's just an excuse for me to not go outside into the scary jungle-like yard.
i don't know what's out there, man.

when jo looks like he's ready, i ask him to come and do his reading with me.
we're doing "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons," and it's super easy.
and it incorporates writing out the sounds (letters).

in the meantime, grey is climbing.
of course.

and kanyon is doing his work, too.

 and also, i try to fold a few things. this time, it's napkins.
there's always mom chores to be done.

b takes some time to catch up on his reading, too. :)

the big kids work on perfecting their cursive.
one boy is has great handwriting, the other, noooot so much.
so i ordered these little books to help them get better and more proficient
at not only writing cursive, but reading it.

i had asked b if he wanted me to read to him and at first he said no.
eventually, he agreed, so i whipped this book out.
oh geez, i adore the way she writes out Bible stories.
it is so unlike any other children's story Bible i've ever read.
it's muh favorite.

i make the kids lunch sometime between 11 and noon,
just depends on when they finish up whatever they're working on.
chores are always the follow up to lunch.
the big kids do trash and dishes/counters/table
 and then they all pick up the floor together.

once the house is tidy, daddy and i eat our lunch with a side of Once Upon a Time.
it's a show the kids can watch, too. (so far. i'm hoping it stays that way).

i crochet a few rows while the tv is on.

 then, i put grey down for a nap and read to the four bigger boys.
we're working through the third book of the Harry Potter series right now.
jo and b do have a hard time sitting through all of it, but they do so for as long as they can.

 then, the big kids read independently for awhile.
and i try to catch up on some reading as well, though,
usually i'm so tired i tend to start dozing off.
and you guys, for serious, if you have boys

i had some left over coffee from the morning, so i made an iced latte.
i have a jewelry show in a couple hours, so i need a little extra fuel.
the four older boys play and do whatever is that they want to (except screen time)
for awhile during the baby's nap.

around 5ish, i spent some time chatting with my sister-in-law and getting ready for my show.
the boys were allowed to play video games during this time.
daddy made them sandwiches for dinner
and i headed off to my jewelry show.
i spent some time with some really awesomely fun ladies, made some money, and shared what i love.

once i got home, a certain little baby climbed out of bed.
him not staying in bed is pretty typical as well.
jo jo was exactly the same way.
and now he sleeps like a dream.
also: that face:

toby and i prepped the van for him to use it the next morning to go film a wedding.
cleaning it out some, removing the car seats, folding the down the chairs. that fun stuff.
i made myself some faux mexican rice (aka: cauli-rice in the skillet with salsa).
i went to the bedroom to chow down and watch netflix and unwind.
because, dang, momma was tired.
and it was like, 11pm.

i finally had to lock grey in the room with me to get him to go to sleep.
that. took.
and i don't always love when he sleeps in our bed.
but then there are nights, like this night, when i wake up and he's snuggled up in the crook of my arm.

once i fall asleep,
i wake up the next day and start it all over again.



  1. Such a sweet family. Thanks for sharing with us. I have to laugh at the baby climbing on everything... I have three kiddos, but my 11 month old is the only boy. He is already climbing on EVERYTHING! My girls never did that :)

    1. Thank you for reading! Boys definitely have that climbing thing in their genes!! :)

  2. Love reading about your family. I need to start preschool with my kids.


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