Wednesday, September 10, 2014

random laundry woes.

i am just wondering, as i often do when it comes time to get the clothes out of the dryer,
do the men in my life know how much time they could save me simply by

turning their clothes right side out before tossing them in the dirty laundry?

hours. they could save me hours. and after a year, how much time would that be?
a whole month of laundry duty?
i don't know.

but it would be time better spent doing something other than turning shirts and pants and shorts
right side out while folding and hanging their clothes.

i always make sure mine are turned the right way before tossing them in there, 
because i know how much time i'm saving me.

so i just decided,
forget it.
i'm not turning your clean clothes the right way anymore.
you can do so when you get dressed.
i did not announce this to them.

and i know that when i lived at home
my mom never fixed mine after pulling them from the dryer.
and i don't ever remember being like,
"uuggghhhhh.... again with the inside out!?!"
in fact, pretty sure i never thought twice about turning my shirts right side out before
getting dressed. it was no big thang. like, ever.
(and if it was, i've since blocked it out).

so are these dudes in my house going to even notice?
i'm not sure.
but i am sure that i'm done wasting time
flipping clothes.

how do you handle the inside out woes?
do you fix them?
i mean, are you ocd, like this one friend i have that has all her hangers evenly spaced?
(she's laughing right now. i know she is. she's that friend that i let 
make my things neat and orderly when she's at my house).
or do you not ever fold or hang anything and it's in a giant pile?
or are you square in the middle and hang things, but not fold, 
therefore allowing the wrong side out things to be as they are?

these are the burning questions that run through my mind during laundry time.


  1. I started to giggle, than full on belly laughed when I read on. :)

    I have the kids turn their clothes right side out before they toss in the basket or machine. But socks are still an issue for the twins.

  2. ohhhhh socks. even the husband does it. i do turn the boys clothes right side out because to me it's no biggie *their clothes are small still* but i'm pretty sure i will be screaming at them from the laundry room when they're full grown teenagers *picturing it now*

  3. Giant pile. Not even gonna lie. And I hate it lol


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