Saturday, September 6, 2014

that fall feeling.

west texas friends, can you believe it?
rainy drizzle nearly all day, 
and temps below 70F, 
and a cool breeze that just won't quit.


pretty sure heaven will feel like this.
like fall.

also, it feels like home to me.
like Oklahoma.
and i've had the windows open all day.
we've had a movie day.
and i have lounged my heart out.
and napped, in and out,
as one should do when it feels like fall for the first time this year.

and yes, i still pick up my phone when it is what's convenient when i want to remember a sweet memory.
like this one.

and it's weird. 
because when i said i deleted everything off my phone,
i wudn't kiddin'.
so i keep habitually picking up my phone to "check" everything.
except there's literally nothing to check.
except the weather and my bank account.

it's sort of opened my eyes more to how much i must have been picking up my 
little distractor, 
i mean, device before i deleted everything.

i pop in to fb occasionally with business related stuff, 
and i'm not scrolling aimlessly like before. i don't let myself.
because it's easy to get sucked in.
i also pop in to post these blogs.
because i have family that wants to see the babies.

the boys are running around screaming at each other like little wild cavemen.
the breeze beside the window is heavenly.
i need a shower.
i'm just about to make potato soup. because, well, fall.
 i'm going to read while the soup cooks.
my honey is out on a job (congratulations Tyler and Kelsie).
greyson stole my ipad to play more Pepi Tree and buy songs on itunes.
i'm glancing at my september calendar and can't believe i have 9 shows on the books for just this month.
i have  a mountain of laundry to finish.
there are dirty dishes in the sink.
i'm addicted to bulletproof pumpkin spice lattes.
i, apparently, need to school my children on what all the words on shipped packages mean.
for example: "Mom, you got one from Priority."

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