Thursday, October 23, 2014

a boy and his motorcycle.

seriously, he loves ride-on toys.
skateboards (though that's more of a sit on it an scoot thing.)
and his motorcycle.

i once tried to fight a battle where all outside toys stayed outside.
clearly, i won. ahem.
but for real, i did get tired of fighting them and this boy is entertained for short periods of time
with the outside toys being brought in. so i just don't fight it anymore.

also, these capes were Christmas gifts from my mom last year, they came with matching masks.
and even though i had to replace the tie/string/whatever it's called on it, 
the boys still love them (we have two).
boys and capes. i adore it.

i'm pretty sure i said something uber confusing.
hence, the whatthecrap looks here.

i asked daddy to help him get his mask on. because, cute. adorable. melt me into a puddle.
all was well, until he realized we were looking and smiling and enjoying him.
then my finicky child was all, 
nope. done.


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