Wednesday, October 8, 2014

at peace.

the kids start school tomorrow. 
the past couple of days have been filled with a lot of prep.
including a few vaccines the kids didn't have.
(vaxing my babies scares the poop out of me. however, i'm a little more comfortable
vaxing them as older kids. so i did. plus, momma needs to get them in school fast.)
(also, not a debate about your stance or my stance on the subject. i don't care what you do.)
the boys got spiffy hair cuts and we pulled out some notebooks i had laying around,
found their backpacks, sharpened some pencils, and chatted about what to expect tomorrow.
they seem ready. even jo jo.
we were dropping off their shot records this afternoon and he saw the kids on the playground
playing basketball and soccer, and i think in that moment, he was sold.

believe me when i say i know the pros and cons to public school.
and friends, i also know what is best for us.
not you. not my neighbor. not anyone else.

and can i just freely admit that i so, so look forward to some peace in my days?
like, no more bickering all the time every. single. day.
it is so hard when the kids fight and argue and beat each other up all day.
you guys, so hard. there are rarely moments of getting along these days.

i am just looking forward to less of it.
and i think because we will be apart for a good portion of our days,
the time we will spend together will be so much better.
the quality will be amazing. we'll be excited to see each other
and chat and not know all the tiny details of every single day because we are together from
dawn til dawn til dawn.
it'll be fun! and i know they will be excited to have new things to tell us.

the only thing i fear now

is trying to get their bee-hinds out of bed on time.

otherwise, my soul is completely at peace.
praise God.

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  1. I so hope you get the peace you want and need.
    Since the twins started this year I can breath again.
    Deep, wonderful breaths.
    And when I see the kids, I'm excited. ;)


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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