Friday, October 3, 2014

frriday's top ten. 10.03.2014

hey you.
it's the weekly dose of random.

1. now that my husband is working from home (also, that is the big change i've been mentioning. 
he's totally freelance now.) i can up and head to the grocery store whenever i need
without company. which usually leads to waiting in line for-the-ever
at my local crowded-always-busy-as-heck Bux. which means more loud music
momma time. *happy sigh.
but sometimes, one kid will ask to come along. and i just can't always deny them.
brennen wanted to join me, so he got a surprise chocolate milk.
it was a little slice of heaven for him, too.

2. someone, ahem, is trying to be too big for naptime.

3. and also, if you followed me on instagram before i quit, 
you know that my greyson has never been a great sleeper. like, at all.
and he sort of got better for a bit. but now, he's all... no sleep for anyone!!
seriously, i'm not sleeping. and it is terrible. in fact, last night, i just up and went to the couch.
i was tired of being kicked. and i had already soothed a crying grey back to sleep once.
some day. 
some day, i shall sleep gloriously through the night.

4. i'm pretty much going to brag right now.
in case you forgot, we have 7 peeps in this family.
lots of clothes. lots of towels. lots of blankies and such. lots of napkins. lots of boys.
and this is what it looks like to be totally caught up on laundry:
mom win.

5. it was a productive morn for me.
i made this.
and this.
and this.
and i washed a load of diapers.
and took a shower.

6. tonight is famliy night. and it's the second born's turn to pick.
and that means an incredibly bad cg/animated movie.
because he's 9.

7. more big changes are going to be happening around here. 
like, life altering.
(no, i do not mean pregnancy. so stop that right now.)
details to come.

8. if you are going to Christmas shop, may i suggest looking to your direct sales friends first?
why? because this.
i will be doing so this year. because i know that when i shop with my direct sales gal pals,
i am supporting THEM. they get paid when i shop with them.
and it also keeps it local. and i know where my moneys are going.

9. we are doing something fabulous in our office. it was originally built as a den,
so no storage exist in the space. therefore, we're making storage.
i can't wait to share the results with you!

10. in less than a week, i will have two children that have double digits in their age.
when. did. this. happen?!

enjoy your weekend, peeps.

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  1. Waiting patiently on #7! When do we get to find out this life altering news?!?!?!?! Jared and I have come up with a few guesses of our own...can't wait to see how right or wrong we are LOL!!


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