Monday, October 20, 2014


the boys have been in school more than a week now.
and how is it going?
they apparently love it.
the only negative my boys have to say is about p.e. 
they're not so much loving the actual working out they are doing.
but it's good for them.

how am i doing?
i'm doing great. i am more sane.
more patient.
less agitated.
more excited to hang out with them.
less growly.
(though i do still have my mean momma moments. of course.)

seriously, it's going well.
my laundry is caught up.
i don't feel like i'm completely torn between the teacher duties and mom duties.
balancing was a really big struggle for me, 
and it seemed no matter how hard i tried, i just could not get a good rhythm down
for keeping home and teaching school. and it was a struggle i didn't handle well.
i always felt flustered and frustrated that i couldn't get it all done.
things are smoother now. and i'm so thankful for that.
it has also meant that i have the energy and the want to to actually cook dinner now.
for a while, i was feeling so drained and never felt i could overcome that hurdle of being
too worn down by dinner time to break out the pots and pans.
it really didn't help that i do not love cooking.
(baking? that's another store. lemme bake all the cookieeeeees.)

my kids and i are just simply getting along better.
and that, oh that, is just what i longed for.

also, the very first week of school, my 6th grader brings home a piece of paper,
a permission slip to let him go to the sex ed classes. i mean, goodness,
the first week. but no worries,
we signed it no.
because we hadn't actually had the talk with him yet.
and we wanted to be able to be the ones to present it to him.
i actually found a little study on pinterest to help us get through it and use grown up words and stuff.
it's recommended for kids ages 6-10, and our boy is 11, but has led a fairly sheltered life
and so we're just now chatting with about the anatomy of males and females and where babies come from, etc., etc., and felt this study is still appropriate for him.

so we've started having the talk, and so far, so good. 
hopefully, it will continue to go well, and hopefully, prayerfully,
he will always be comfortable talking with us about these uncomfortable topics.

also, also:
first day of school photos.
my kids rarely take a normal photo together.
(it was still dark, so i wasn't able to get them outside in the natural light.)

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