Monday, November 17, 2014

halloween 2014

this year was our first year ever to go trick or treating. daddy asked around for places
to go around town, so we took suggestions and hit up the mall and a little neighborhood across town.

oh my word, the kids were adorable and eager (and afraid at one house).
and most people followed the porch light rule and were mostly home when their light was on.

we, as the parents, also loved the whole experience of it all. 
and yes, it's two and a half weeks later.
...but five boys and pregnant, yo.
(my reason for all things ever).

so greyson was so not into wearing his costume before we left, so i have awkward grey photos.
 and cat butt.

 he did decide to let us dress him up once we were at the neighborhood. 
ps, all of my children have now worn this costume once.

more awkwardness. chewing candy (i think) and grey's face and need to hold jonyn in place.
i have several of these with the boys in different stages of chewing. it's great. but i'll just share the one.

the peeps on this street were amazing. one house was creepily done up.
like, a guy in a chair making creepy sounds and doing a creepy jig. 
(electronic, not real).
one child would not even go up to the house.
and this booger kept staring as we walked down the street. so daddy wanted to take him back to 
see how he'd react a second time. it went something like this: 


  1. ohhh the hilarity of those last three pictures! also, adorable.

    1. Thanks!! And we still laugh when we look at those photos of grey. :)


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