Sunday, December 7, 2014


throughout all of my camera's poor focusing woes, 
i did not even know you could calibrate the lens on the canon.
i mean, i probably did know that a long time ago and have since forgotten.
so last night, i watched a video on how to calibrate my lens
and today i set up to do so.
i was really excited and giddy to set it up, see that my lenses were off, 
fix them and then go back to taking super sharp images.
that was not the case.

everything looked fine on camera. 
it is once i get it on the computer that the focus looks less than sharp and spot on.
it's very frustrating and disappointing. i was also looking back through past photos
last night and just kept thinking, man, i want that sharpy-sharpness again.
so i'm sending my beloved beast in for routine maintenance tomorrow.

i love this camera. i love that it fits in my hands just right.
i love that i know how to operate it and have customized it to suit my needs.
and i used to really love the clarity and sharpness i would get out of it.
hopefully after some tinkering and checking and and an over all tune up,
 she'll be back to her old self.

otherwise, watch out honey, i'm upgrading.
i kid. momma isn't made of money.
and like i said, i love my camera.
i'm not actually looking to upgrade.
but don't misunderstand, i would not be opposed just to get back to that super sharpness.
but there's that whole money thing.

and perhaps even the off-focus is only noticeable to me. 
but you use an instrument for years on end and you really get to know it,
the ins and outs, the smallest of nuances, even.
and that's where we are with my canon.
i can see, myself, that is not as tack sharp as it once was.
and there have certainly been times that has kept me from picking up my beast.
i'm hoping this tune up will fix her and change that.

ps: dirty face = the real deal life of a never ending snotty nose toddler.

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  1. Oh, send your lens in with it and have them calibrate them together!


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