Tuesday, December 9, 2014

chop. chop.

you guys. do you even know how unfun it is to be sick from a headache inducing head cold
and be pregnant with your sixth baby? gah. it is as unglamorous as it sounds.
day before yesterday i totally thought i was getting over it. you know, at the tail end of it.
and the by evening i felt a headache coming on. and by sometime in the middle of the night,
my head was pounding and kept me awake for quite a long time.
all of that rendered me absolutely useless yesterday. and i probably haven't been outdoors
in a week. true story. and all the coughing and weird man voice-ing that nearly sends me gagging
every time a fit comes on, please baby Jesus end it. (momma has a weak
gag reflex during pregnancy.)

thankfully by last night, the headache cleared and i fell asleep at a decent hour.
every time i randomly woke up last night, i would think,
gosh, i am sleeping SO good. this is SO amazing.
zzzzzz..... rinse and repeat a couple of times.
ps, i rarely sleep well.
so i still sound like an old man who has smoked too much in his lifetime,
but heavens, i feel so much better today.
so much so, that i got up and showered and dressed, all the way to makeup and jewelry.

so i figured it best to get these (iphone) photos done now so all the world could see.
or rather, my few friends who are super curious.
my hairs had gotten to be about shoulder length and i couldn't do anything with it. 
it doesn't hold curl whatsoever. and i have tried every method ever. and if it does curl, 
then it also creases with those ugly creases. 
it was just to the point where even pony tails sometimes looked like crap.
and y'all, i can make a pony tail look cute. except lately.
so i had been looking for awhile at short cuts waiting for one to speak to me.
and i found one. and i had her cut it a little shorter than the original photo, but
guys, it is so easy to wash, dry, and style. super fast. and i'm at a point in my life that 
that's what i need. easy hairs. and for realz, i love it. love.

here it is, friends.

i actually like some of the cuts where it's nearly shaved all around except the top, 
but i'm not totally sure that a) i could pull that off. or b) my honey would approve.
(yes, i totally value his opinion on such things as my hair. afterall,
he is the one who looks at me and must find me attractive).

so there you have it, friends.

it is dreary and foggy in my neck of the woods today. my favorite this time of year.
whatever it looks like out your window today, i hope you enjoy it.


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  1. oh you look SO good brooke! I hope you get to feeling better and this pregnancy goes by fast and sweet. and of course, hubby's opinion counts--duh! :D


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