Wednesday, December 3, 2014

early christmas. and a buffet.

my family is amazing. so amazing.

when we moved into a house with a fireplace, little did we know that the trees in this area do. not. burn.
well, they burn. 
but they burn in a most terrible way. and wood is so not cheap when you live in a place 
without trees. (gosh, that sounds as sad as it is.)
so a couple years ago, my wonderful mom and step dad, bruce, 
brought us a trailer full of wood (great burning wood) for our fireplace. 
this firewood came from a land of trees. tall ones. large, round trees. glorious trees, 
with real leaves. (visit west texas and you'll totally understand what i'm sayin' here.)
it may not get super cold here for months on end, but we have all electric everything 
and so running the heat costs way more than running the air. and geez, we found that out the
hard way after our first cold month in this house.

so this year, knowing we ran out of firewood last year, they loaded up a trailer again 
and brought us more, along with a few things that i have inherited from my great grandma,
and a buffet that i have always wanted from my nanny if she ever decided to get rid of it.

plus, they brought my papa. gosh, this man. he was the biggest male influence of my growing up years. i am so thankful for him (and my nanny, really). but he made the really long trip with
mom, bruce, and nanny, just so he could see our house once in his life. i know it was a tough
trip, but i also know it was worth it for him to see us for just a few days and get to have the
visual in his mind of our home from seeing it with his own eyes.
it meant a lot to me that he was able to come.

and on top of all that, they brought early christmas, so they could be part of it and see the boys
open their gifts. it was so fun, and i'm so happy they come down.
 see the gorgeous buffet? gah, i have always loved it.

that's my sweet Papa back there. it was morning, so we were all still in pjs.
 captain america jacket. and his face that says, dude.... you are interrupting my present opening.
 grey joined the party late. because he sleeps late. but check out that awesome hair.

 the fam headed out early sunday morning to get back to work and appointments and life.
my honey started his new job this week.
and my boys went back to school.
i have a ton of laundry to catch up on, and a house that needs tidying.
but that's always the case.

i'm always happy to see family, even if it's a turn and burn visit. 

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