Friday, December 5, 2014

friday's top ten 12.05.2014

1. hi. today looks like:
my flannel sheets and down comforter with hot tea, netflix, maybe crochet,
but definitely a headache and throat problems. wah.

2. and that means my little boys are getting way too much screen time.
but really, who am i kidding, they've had too much screen time this whole pregnancy thus far.
the exhaustion is brutal for momma.

3. for realskies, grey really does just pass out, sometimes with a blankie or pillow if he's super tired
during the day.

 4. my friend, who is also expecting a few months before me, and i decided to go halfsies
on newborn cloth diapers. she will use them til mine is born (which will be about the time
her peanut outgrows them) and then i will use them, and in the end, because it's her first,
she'll keep the dipes for her future babes. i saw this idea on pinterest.
isn't it brilliant?

5. i am so sad. i purchased some yarn in gray to make a gray + black manly crocheted blankie
and then the store ran out of gray. and so did every online store that carries yarn.
so my blankie design will have to change. boo.

6. also, that yarn up there is really made for arm knitting, but i am using a giant S hook and
a double crochet stitch. geez, there is something uber satisfying about using the most giantest hook
and most chunkiest yarn. it works up fast and it just feels right in my hands.

7. so yesterday, jo jo came home with 6 pages of homework.
that does not count the nightly sight words, sounds, and letter recognition he is supposed to do.
plus the 15 minutes of reading (or being read to, at the moment).
why kindergarten, why?!
it's way. too. much. for a five year old.
i surely will be asking teach why so much at our next conference.
and i was sick yesterday, like fall asleep on the couch sick, and so we didn't
get his homework done til after they went to small group and got back. he went to bed after 9:30.
and i am the bedtime nazi, because i believe kids need sleep, so that is near unacceptable to me.

8. we still haven't decorated for Christmas. mostly because i feel like i need to tidy my house first.
i'd love to be one of those moms that is able to keep her house tidy all the time.
but i am not. so my laundry piles. the floor gets dirty. the bar is the catch all.
the dishes pile up. my room is a mess. that's my life.
and the tree shall wait a few more days.

9. i chopped all my hair off a couple weeks ago. it's more pixie-like in the back and on one side.
the other side is still a bit longer. it's so easy to maintain now. which is what i was going for.
i don't have the time or energy to spend on doing my hairs at this stage in my life.

10. i'm having a craving for mexican rice. smothered in cheddar.
i'd make some. but i feel like poop.
maybe tomorrow.

happy weekend, peeps.

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