Friday, December 12, 2014

friday's top ten. 12.12.2014

good mid-morning, friends.
i figured i'd pause between the cleaning of the disastrous kid room 
and the paint sesh that's about to happen to come visit this space.

1. clean out your vacuum cleaner. that'll remind you just how dirty your house is in a hurry.
we have a Shark. {best.} similar to this one. only, ours is older and all red.
we've never had a vacuum last more than just a couple of years 
because we are honestly hard on them. we've always had pets and kids.
and we always bought the cheap vacuums.
but when we moved here, we had so much carpet that we finally decided to invest 
in a good vacuum. we went with the Shark from Kohl's. my mom had even attested to
it's wonderfulness. and it has been rock steady ever since.
it's easy to unclog (but it rarely gets clogged, just when a rogue cheese wrapper or the likes 
gets accidentally sucked up. the thing is fast).
and it's completely washable.
like, i just washed the entire tank (the dirt holder) and all the spongy filters and
oh. my. word. grossgrossgross.
the point? get a Shark if you need a good vacuum.
and also, clean it out once in a while.

2. i'm on day three of painting. i just can't help myself.

 3. never did you see a happier boy than the one who decided it was time to try the swing.

 4. i've been letting b watch tv right after lunch. and giving grey the ipad 
(tv doesn't keep him occupied) so i could get just a few things done around the house.
and lately, b has been falling asleep like it's his job.

 5. the reality of being around other kids is hitting my oldest lately.
it seems kids are being mean to him and cussing at him and his little heart just
doesn't know how to take it.
i think it's time for a mom/son date to see what's really going on.

6. this weather, you guys. it is heavily overcast again today but it's supposed to be 72F. nuts.

 7. amazon is the best. i did a ton of Christmas shopping for the kids without having to go anywhere.
and i will be doing some small business shopping as well. i love to support small business.

 8. our tree is still not up. i think we'll be getting that done this weekend.
but i don't think i'll be pulling out every single Christmas decoration this year. 
i'm keeping it simple.

9. when i was pregnant with my second, i had what is called PUPPP, an intense pregnancy rash.
i had it from my eyelids to my toes. no joke. literally everywhere. it was misery.
and it has decided to come back this go around. i have a big spot across my belly that just.won't. quit.
but my midwife said taking some Liver Blend supplements will help flush out my liver 
and should help calm the rash. i'm waiting ever so patiently for it to be deliverd.

10. that is all. and all the photos are from my phone this past week.


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  1. PUPP is NOT fun. at. all. I'm sorry my friend....but it might seem (from the pics) that your week is going well? Just stopping by to say Hi and Bye! Have a happy Christmas too!


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