Thursday, December 11, 2014


somehow, and it's a mystery to me, both my little babies are asleep and i'm up.
the course of the morning usually goes like this:
wake kids up for school, which means boy four is going to pop out of bed
with sunshine and glitter with them.
see them off. lay back down with boy five while letting boy four eat and then watch netflix.
sleep until boy five wakes from his glorious slumber around 9am.
yes. i do that right now. pregnant brooke can't get up early.
even though bedtime is early. pretty sure i was asleep before ten last night.

so this morning, i wake sometime before five. fall back to sleep sometime around six
only to have to wake up shortly thereafter to get the school kids up and around.

and today, after B ate breakfast, and whilst i was browsing pinterest in bed,
he comes in and says he's cold, and the proceeds to curl up and crash.
i'm okay with that.

so here i be, alone in the lovely quiet, apparently waiting for a sun that won't peek out today.
because i have stuff to do. like paint my house.

i have been pinspired.
but first, let me say how much my design tastes have changed over the last three-ish years.
i have bold colors on my walls right now, but my aesthetic is changing to a more neutral 
pallet. i love the gray and white on my living room walls. i love how i can jazz up the space
with color with my decor. personally, i don't feel my space is boring with neutrals.
i love love gallery walls. and my gallery walls never look anything like the "how-to's" you 
find on pinterest. i also really love that. i want my home to reflect us. really reflect us.
so away with the bold walls, they will become gray like my living space. and the color will
be brought in by our decor.

and here's where i have been inspired.
i'm painting all of my interior doors navy.
what?! navy. yes, navy.
i have three navy samples painted on four of my doors. and i so wish the sun would peek out just
once today so i can see what the paints look like 90% of the year here.
but i'm seriously not complaining, because i love foggy, dreary days so hard, 
and this is our third in a row.
i will also paint my front door and shutters navy because first, navy is a neutral. 
you can wear it or pair it with anything.
and second, i must abolish these standard burgundy shutters and door. 
it's 90's burgundy up in here. it must go. 
it's true that navy may be a fad, a trend, but i have fallen in love with 
gray + navy + white.
however, white doors are just not working out so well in my house of boys.
so i'm changing it. because i can.

and truly, i want to make my home what i want to live in now. i used to live under this idea
that i should do what "might get it to sell" one day in the far off future.
but it makes no sense. i want to love where i live, where i dwell, where i spend my days.
and so i shall. with a few cans of paint.

so there you have it.
and in case you were wondering.
pregnant brooke = painting the snot out of everything brooke.
i paint to nest. even if i am barely (as in today) in my second tri.
i painted my bedroom when i was nearly due with greyson because i was
not going to give birth in a room with a black wall.
true story.


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