Monday, December 1, 2014

life lately :: 11.30.2014

::life lately::

table + chalk.

 momma has been sewing like mad lately.
i made four nursing/maternity shawls to wear before baby is born
and after to cover my front and back and easily latch baby on without
the cover being yanked off by crazy-strong baby arms.

jo jo sick day.

 when grey gets too sleepy during the day, he curls up with a blankie on the floor
and falls asleep. but try and lay him down specifically for a nap?
forget about it.

 i have not only been sewing nursing covers, baby burp rags, diaper inserts, and quilts lately,
i've also been crocheting up a storm. mostly blankets and scarves.
and you know, grey is at the stage where he can not only do everything ever
independently, but he can copy everything ever and do it, also.
like crochet.
and crap, he looks adorable doing it.

block builder + cheese thief.

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