Tuesday, December 2, 2014

thanksgiving feast.

i have been completely gluten free for nearly a year now, maybe just at a year?
i stopped eating gluten because gluten is one of those things that negatively affects thyroid function.
and being hypothyroid (that's having a super sluggish, underactive thryoid. 
and your thyroid is such an important organ. google it.), i did not need something
making it worse. so i stopped the gluten. and then i noticed that
my belly even felt better. and before i quit it completely, when i was fading it out
and having trouble not consuming occasionally, i noticed my belly would hate me for
at least a good day afterwards. so i finally decided it was just not worth it at all.
just like white sugars. so not worth it.

and finding out my mom is gluten intolerant makes me believe i probably am, too.
so this thanksgiving, i already knew i wanted to cook. i had been planning it for a while.
and i made a special board on pinterest for the occasion.

all of our dishes were gluten free, and refined sugar free, even the sweet desserts.

i made:

a big batch of southern dressing, using gluten free cornbread.
ps, i ate this for days. and for breakfast. so.freakin'.good.
mashed potatoes.
gluten free gravy.
a cheese ball. (1 block cream cheese, shredded cheddar, chopped pecans, 
with homemade ranch mix {to avoid the gross msg}, all mixed together).
deviled eggs.

then i made:

both with gf pie crust that was pretty near perfect.
and an apple crisp.
(all gluten free, and free of that white sugar, and anything corn syrupy.)

basically? i was able to really enjoy my holiday meal without worry of what was in it 
and if i could eat it and if it would make my stomach hate me.

i think most people who consume the SAD diet (standard american diet)
just honestly don't realize we can't and/or won't eat how they eat.
for us, it is not worth the pain (or extra thyroid damage, in my case).
they just don't know how to cook and prepare food any other way.
and that is simply because they just don't have to on a regular basis like
people with special food needs do. 

i have adapted and i can google the snot out of any dish i want and find a paleo or gluten free version.
i know how to substitute flours and sugars for things i can and am willing to eat.
i have learned a lot through trial and error. i have made mistakes. and i have had great
success with making things that make my stomach happy.
so stuffing my belly space to the brim with thanksgiving foods and desserts?
yeah, i did that. because i could. because i didn't have to worry about what was in it.

{turkey prep. daddy fried the turkey.}

 {the feast. delish.}
{also, that husband of mine. a keeper. a gem. a dream. a man. 
and by a man, i mean, a dad who is all in, a dad who changes diapers,
and fixes kids plates, and preps the turkey himself, 
and helps anyone who needs it, and who says yes to giving the kids tea, and so much more.}

 we had a lovely, peaceful, easy dinner. 
i did a lot of prep work on wednesday so i wasn't crazy-eyed and snapping on thursday.
then i napped. and just relaxed.
it was all just lovely.

how was yours?

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