Thursday, December 4, 2014

this, that, and the other thing.

so. we cleaned our office. like, totally cleaned it.
so i don't break out in sweats and an eye twitch when i walk in there now. 
(because it was bad for awhile, while we installed shelving. photos to come.)
and i'm not homeschooling anymore.
so i'm not having to be in the front constantly. so i'm able to come sit in the office and type.
i mean, i still have crap loads of laundry i should probably do.
but for the most part, i feel like all the words that twirl and swirl in my head might 
get a chance to make it onto virtual paper now.
that's amazing.
and i feel like i have a lot to say lately. 
i mean, my blog has mostly been neglected the past couple years due to all the busy
and ppd and you know, the life thing.
but here i am. at least for the time being, feeling like i want to document things.
by words or by photos.

honestly, there's a chance my posting might get annoying.
then again, i might flake out again and post sporadically.
who knows these things...
and about the boys being back in school. this is the first time we have ever had a teacher
of the boys' i didn't like. who has experience with that? i don't want to dog her,
that's not my intent. it's that i'm usually confused on what is expected of us
with what comes home in his homework folder. 
plus she talked down to us about homeschooling. yeah.
not good, teach. not good.
anyways, i don't know how to deal with my feelings about her methods. 
and also, when did kinder start having real, actual homework?!
i totally hate that part of them being back in public school
and feel like kinder and first grade homework is redonk.

also, anyone need a truck?
turns out, we don't need ours anymore.

oh! and i have (yet, another) new hobby! project life! the digital version.
once upon a time i was a scrapbooker. an avid scrapbooker.
then i had more kids than extra time, so i gave it up.
but digital scrabooking? much less time, much less money.
because, you know, you can reuse that digital stuff over and over. 
and there are a ton of free resources on the interwebz from super generous designers.
before i was a photographer that knew what i was doing, i was a scrapbooker.
and i *always* took multiple photos with multiple angles of the same subject
simply so i could scrapbook them.
and i still do that today, even though i haven't scrapped in a very long time.
but digital project life makes it easy and fast (in photoshop) 
and all i have to do is send it to the printers as a 12x12 print.
i'm seriously in love.
isn't it cute?
if you didn't know, i change hobbies almost like i change underwear.
i mean, i also just took up simple machine quilting.
and it hasn't been that long since i started crocheting.
there was the gardening i did one year (but hope to do again this spring).
also, handlettering, i thought i might be good at that. but no.
and watercolors. no. just no. i can't paint.
photography. that hobby has an ebb and flow in my life.
 not to mention all the hobbies i think i want to start doing.
it's just part of my personality, yo. 
i be who i be.
God gifted me with the ability to start all the things
and never finish them.
true story.


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