Friday, January 30, 2015

baby 6. 20w1d

oh that blessed halfway point, amiright?
some things come to mind around this time.

a: i can now start counting down the days.
b: it's truly okay that i am showing a crazy ton.
c: it's almost gender reveal time.
d: the next several months are going to be the most uncomfortable of my life.
(at least it always seems that way).
e: we really need to get greyson out of our bed.
f: i'm really glad i opted to get a pair of maternity yoga pants.
because, crap the comfort. they're amazing. and i'll likely be living in them soon.
g: i need to finish sewing baby things and crocheting the blankies i've started.
h: it's probably time i start thrifting baby clothes.
or begging for handmedowns. either one.
i: i need to order my birthing kit pretty soon.
j: is it nap time yet?

twenty weeks. goodness. it's flown, yet seemed to just creep all at the same time.
if i could just fast forward to the birth, i probably would.

i have been having this incredible tail bone pain the minute i sit on something
that is not a couch or something super, super cushiony.
my office chair, that even has some cushion, immediately makes me hurt.
it's been going on for a while, but obviously worse with the extra human and all.
and i read where it does have something do with sciatica, which made it make more sense.

and the braxton hicks. they started way early this time. wiiiiish they'd stop.

alright. i am done complaining.

we have a girl name picked out, at least a first name.
the middle is kind of up in the air.
i haven't looked at boy names at all. i feel like i've done my fair share of boy naming
and just don't even want to go there unless we are for sure
breeding nothing but boys.

we'll know soon. the second week of february is going to be full of anticipation.

i cleaned my floors yesterday. which was a feat.
but necessary.
see, there's this toddler that lives here that likes to destroy all the things.
he took a full (large) bottle of honey (that required climbing to even get to)
and poured every drop out right outside of the back door
whilst playing outside. so honey was tracked in by all the critters and tiny humans in the house.
which made all the dirt in odessa stick to our floors.
i actually bought a regular mop (we've been using a steam mop) just for this purpose
and went through more than one bucket of water.

oh, and did you hear about my preschooler taking a butcher knife to the couch? true story.

my days are jam packed with random things my little boys do.
and lately, they both want to see just how serious i am when i say,
don't make me tell you again.
pretty darn sure the older two were not quite as demanding as these little two.

please, babyJesus, let this next one be easy. at least for a while.

belly photos to come soon. ish.


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