Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas decor.

once again, we waited til just around a week before Christmas to get the tree up.
there's something about trying to do right after Thanksgiving that makes it hard for me to
get the tree up and decorated. i just can't seem to get it done.
so i've already decided that next year, it'll go up before Thanksgiving (gasp!)
because what fun is it to only have the tree up for a week?

and yes, i admit, i had a favorite during this process.
i found great joy in watching him. oh my goodness. it's this age. it has my heart.
and so does he.

greyson lingered around the tree much longer than the other boys. 
they love putting on the ornaments. and our little tree has finally seen it's last holiday.
next year, we upgrade to one that stands completely upright with all working lights.

and the rest of my decor was super simple this year. this banner, some lights, and the stockings.
the end. done.

and next year, those stockings will be a little more squished together, with, hopefully, another pink one.

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