Saturday, January 31, 2015

on the hook.

i have been crocheting for a couple of years now.
i had always wanted to learn but thought it would be too difficult.

then one day i just decided to ask youtube to teach me. 
so i looked up videos, read blogs and how-to's, and just went and picked up 
a couple of hooks and some yarn.
and i've never looked back.

and now it's kind of my dream to gather other women who want to learn 
and show them the basics and get them making their own projects like it's their job.

so i wanted to share some projects i have in the works. 
i always have more than one going at once.

when i need something quick to work up, i go to my stash of cotton yarn 
and work up a quick dish rag. this is certainly one hobby that i can sit my bee-hind 
on the couch and do without too much thought or effort.
it keeps my hands busy. and i always need my hands doing something.

i'm also trying to finish this super, super chunky blanket.
i started before Christmas, but all the stores in town and online, both, ran out of the gray.
i just found one skein the other day and i hope to find more so i can
finally finish it and gift it to the person i wanted to gift it to at Christmas.

 and here is a baby blanket i'm working on for my own wee one.
it's a granny bobble technique and because i'm using such a small hook,
it's going to take me some time to finish it. but i love it so, so much.

and then this blanket that i've been working on for about a year now.
i'm making it out of chunky yarn, making granny squares.
i currently have all the squares made, i just need to trim it out in the cream
and sew them all together. it's going to be a beauty when i'm finally finished.
and it will be my first throw blanket for my own house that i've made.
a lot of love has gone into this project.

i have another gift blanket i can't show you but it is so cute.
and i just finished this button up cowl that i adore.
this yarn is just spectacular. it's isaac mizrahi yarn from michael's
and i absolutely adore all of the colors i have found.
 if you have always wanted to learn,
seriously, just start. don't wait. 
you'll wonder why you waited so long.


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