Saturday, January 3, 2015

play snack time

tis time for me to play a little catch-up.
my thyroid has been a little off as of late and this time it's just making
me feel blah. and making me want to stay in bed all day. and not blog.
or do anything else for that matter.
(also, i'm sure that's part of prenatal depression. i hate that once you've
been through any sort of depression that it can sometimes still spring up here and there.)

but the thyroid meds are doing their thang and i'm feeling a smidge better.
i even cleaned house some today.

and now i play bloggy catch up.

before Christmas, my brother and sister (in law) sent the boys Christmas money
to go get whatever it is their little hearts desired. so we took them to toys r us and 
i sort of helped grey pick out things. like, i held it up and asked if he wanted it.
and he said yes to some things, no to others.

but he was more than happy to get this melissa & doug play cutting set.
serious, he cut food up to his heart's content. forever, it felt like.
i was surprised it held his attention so long. and glad.
he was adorable.

my goodness, i just think he's the best thing ever. his personality is just growing and growing right now.
and i couldn't love that more.


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