Tuesday, February 10, 2015

baby 6, 21wks: it's a...

we're having a baby.

a human, super flexy, toe chewing baby.

an adorable little thing, i just know it.
i have a video for you to watch.

{getting our stuff together}
{silly string}

{what color??}

{it's a girl!!!}
{and then there's brennen-crazy-eyes}
during the ultrasound, 
her feet were literally above her head, like at the top of head, nearly the entire time. 
at one point, she actually started to unbend a little and put her knee to her mouth,
then put her foot in her mouth.

it was way cute.
she actually chewed her little toes twice!
that was a first for me with my kids' sonos.
i just can't believe it, you guys.
i had jitters right before we turned the image around in that first video.
toby said his heart starting beating fast. i was just nervous.

i can't tell you how many times today i just teared up thinking about it.
i found some little bows at hobby lobby today 
and i even teared up when i was telling grey grey what they were!

it's just so unbelievable.
i have felt this whole time she was a she, but was a little afraid i was wrong.
at one point, the tech even kind of made a sound (after telling her we had 5 boys already)
that made me think for a moment it was going to be a boy.

i'm so glad my instincts were right.
i'm extremely grateful.
i'm elated. 
i'm excited.

and i can't believe there will be pinks and purples and girly reds and yellows in our home.

you guys,
we're going to have a daughter this summer.

and if you want to see the whole of our reaction:


  1. I'm still in so much shock!!!! I'm SO happy to finally have a niece!!!!! 7 nephews and 1 niece! Yay!!! 😍😍😍 Congrats and love you guys! 😘

  2. I literally have tears on my face! I wish I could hug YOU! Oh mama, I am SOOO thrilled for you! Having a girl is SO special, I know that now. I can't wait til you get to hold her.

    1. thank you!! i can't wait to have her here, for sure!

  3. Tears and great joy!! So happy for you, congratulations!


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