Friday, February 13, 2015

friday's top ten 02.13.2015

1. last weekend, our power randomly went out when three boys 
were in the shower at the same time.
all you here is a squeaky little B voice, "turn it back on!" 
then three nekkid boys wrapped in towels tracked water throughout the house.
after it came back on, Jo was all afraid to look outside because zombies and ghost. 

2. my wee little baby is such an active baby. i get still and she goes tap dancing.

3. my oldest was getting bullied by one specific kid,
but that has now been resolved. at least for now.
pretty glad about that.
also, pretty sure he gets a few extra freckles on his nose each year.
i big puffy heart love freckles.

4. guys. for real. how on earth did we finally make a girl. unreal. amazing.

5. i saw the midwife on wednesday, she said she thinks i might be a little anemic.
even with all the other boys, my iron has always, always tested fantastically high.
but with my weakness and sometimes crazy heart beat, it totally makes sense,
so iron supps it is.

6. pretty sure greyson thinks his job in life is to destroy all the things.

7. today, i get to go visit a friend and leave the boys with dad.
he's even going to take all five to church with him. by himself.
have i mentioned what a man i have? gosh. i'm extremely grateful.

8. i went to target the other day for meds and supplements.
and so i figured it'd be a good idea to browse the baby girl section.
i basically cried my through it. still so unbelievable to me.
i don't think i'll ever forget that moment of realizing our baby my womb is keeping
cozy is a little lady.

9. six kids, guys. like, my mind just continues to feel confused, yet amazed,
and just over all baffled at how our lives have turned out.

10. i'm co-planning a baby shower for a friend, and even though i don't want
{another} baby shower for myself, it's making think how fun one might
be with all the girly stuff and pinks and purples and bows and hearts.
(photo below not related).

enjoy your weekend. i'm going out of town to visit that friend i mentioned,
and i am so looking forward to it.


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