Sunday, February 8, 2015

hair bows? or bow ties?

but seriously, just a couple days now and we'll be able to say he or she definitively. eek!?!

if you need a real quick crochet project, you mustmustmust try these precious little bows

i envision sticking them on little crocheted  baby beanies,
on a piece of elastic for a sweet little headband,
and on little clippies for when she has hair.

and if that doesn't work out, what cute little bow ties we have!

i also finished my first blanket that will actually stay in our house.
i didn't use a pattern. i just used bernat mega bulky yarn in various colors with an Q hook.
i simply half-double crocheted in the back loops only.
and i absolutely love the ridge detail back loop only gives my randomly striped blankie.

and then there are these beanies.
the bow is not stuck on there permanently yet since i'm not sure the sex of our baby.
but oh my goodness, right?! dadgum adorable. i made a blue-ish one, too, that can go boy or girl.

and let me not forget to show you this one.
i made up my own pattern by combining two i had and the results?
well, they make me melt and do the high pitched awww.
where's a little tiny baby head when i need one?
right. still growing.

i've done all these beanies and bows in two days.
because i can. and i might be stuck to the couch. perhaps.
which really just translates to momma needs a house keeper and a nanny.
oh and hey, there's a 21 week belly bump from the top. 

i still want to have a crochet night where we can all sit around
and be crochet-y and share projects, tips, and tricks.
and also, teach those that want to learn the craft how to get started.

this hobby has me in it's grips because it requires such minimal tools
and allows me to cozy up on the couch.

i will say, though, that shopping for and purchasing yarn can be quite addicting. quite.  
so good luck there if you decide to take up this hobby, too.



  1. This is beautiful, do you have a pattern to share for a beginner?

    1. hey there! i actually linked to it up there at the top! just click where it says "these precious little bows." they're super easy! enjoy making them!

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