Tuesday, March 3, 2015

a morning with greyson.

or rather, a morning watching greyson. 

he is the polar opposite of an early riser. 

and yes, still co-sleeping, which part of the time, i don't mind.
jonyn was the same way. only, about this time in his young life,
he decided to sleep in his own bed. i'm pretty sure grey is a bit more stubborn.
i mean, when you're deemed the hardest child to parent (i say that out of love)
there's a big chance you won't do anything because mom and dad want you to.
but, you guys, i will be going to get him his very own twin bed at the end of the month.

regardless, i love seeing him sprawled out in our big bed, surrounded by cozy blankets
and big pillows. he just looks so tiny like this.

a sleepy, little stretch.
and those lips. swoon.

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