Monday, March 2, 2015

baby 6. 24wks.

why hello.

i just thought i'd stop and bring you a baby bump and a prenatal depression update.

first, here's a 24 week bump, taken on my phone so i could show my momma.
and let me just tell ya, maternity clothes are way less tent like than they were 10+ years
ago when i was large and pregnant with my first little lad.

prenatal depression. so many peeps have no idea what it is or have even heard of it. 
 so much more awareness needs to be made. this is why i first spoke of it.
and so what have i done to help keep it calm and under control?

first, i started taking supplements and lots of them.
getting in vitamin d, b-complex, and my midwife suggested a combination
of vitamin e and evening primrose, so those are in my vitamin box, too.
i also take omega-3, my prenatal, and some others.
and honestly? those seem to really be helping.
before my hibernation (as my sweet husband politely called it),
i was only taking what my internal med doctor prescribed: thyroid meds and vitamin d.

i do feel much better.

i try to get a lot of water in, too, and i don't know if that really helps, but it sure makes 
me feel better.

we also went ahead and replaced our dilapidated 10+ year old mattress that was so slanted
on my side that i'm surprised i didn't roll right off with my current state of roundness.

we purchased a bigger bed (king) that is memory foam from a local little bed store
and it is dadgum comfortable. the extra space gives greyson room to waller around
in the bed and allows me to sleep better. (yes, he is still in our bed at night).
like seriously, i was waking up multiple times every night (and not for a midnight potty run,
either), and i never thought it was solely because of our mattress, but it was. it so, so was.
because, i only wake up now when a rogue toddler foot pushes into my back
(or the occasional potty break). so i'm sleeping so much better
and i think that has helped me, too.

now don't get me wrong... my baby-growing body still needs extra sleep, 
and i will unashamedly sleep until greyson rolls out of bed each morning.
and that's usually around 9:30 or so. i have always been one of those peeps
who has needed 8-9 hours of solid sleep. ain't no gettin' by on just 6 or so.
so now that i'm carrying yet another child and i'm pushing 34, my poor
broke down body just needs the extra Z's. and so be it.
gimme all the extra sleep.

 24 week + 4 day bump.

and there you have it. for me, supplements and rest have helped me with prenatal depression.
for someone else, it might look like a drastic diet change or chatting with a specialist or
getting on prescribed meds. and that is all okay. all of that. if you are not feeling
your pregnancy and feel kind of sad or just down for unexplained reasons,
seriously talk to your doctor or midwife. and if they look at you like  you have
three eyes, dadgum find someone else. it is not worth going through months 
of feeling blue before your baby is even here, trust me. i did it with my last baby.
it was one of the two worst times in my life. don't suffer alone my pregnant mommy friends.



  1. Love your dress! You look beautiful! Glad that you are feeling better! So excited for you to welcome a baby girl into your family!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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