Monday, March 2, 2015

keeping my white sink white.

the struggle is real, my friends. 
white sinks don't wanna stay white.
raise your hand if you have a white sink that never seems white.
{raises hand}

and raise your hand if you have found a way to make them white white again.

{raises hand}

i have tried many things from non chemicals like lemons and baking soda and vinegar,
to chemicals, to the magic eraser. and at first, the eraser was a winner.
but that was right after we moved in and before the hardcore wear and tear we bring to a house.

my sink was dingy yellowish. ug-ly. dirty, even though i scrubbed it.

then, i decided to google a way to get black scratches (from metal chairs) off of white 
ceramic tile. i know, seems totally unrelated, but wait, there's more.

and i found a little gem that supposedly works wonders on scratches on ceramic.
and then i read and realized i could use it on my yellow, i mean, white sink.

the left is has actually been scrubbed with dish soap and a scrubber.
the right, with my sink's new bff.

gross, right?

the right side is a little elbow grease, and this:

not only did it get all the yellow and grime, it got, probably, 85% of the black and gray scratches, too.
i might could have gotten them all, but my arms were tired, and i was excited to share this,
so i stopped scrubbing.

next, when i have company coming to stay overnight, or when i decide an essential oil bath
sounds good, i'll use it on my tub, which also never seems clean even after i clean it.
i'll also eventually try it on my scratched tile. but prolly not til after Miss Ruby
has come and settled into her place in the world.

i'm not usually a chemical using momma, but sometimes, it's warranted. 
like when you've tried err'thang and nothing makes your sink and tub look clean.

and guys. these photos really don't do my sink justice. it is sparkly, shiny, glaringly, amazingly,
beautifully white. 
momma's happy.


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