Tuesday, March 10, 2015

when the "all yours?" is a happy question.

so often, the question, "are they all yours?" is asked in a way that 
is offensive. like, the asker is just stunned you would dare have more than
one to two children. or the asker is thinking there's just no way in bleep one person 
is capable of either a: having this many children or b: caring for that many children.

today i took the big kids to get their poor little eyes checked, and it's spring break,
and daddy has a job, so all of my kids went with us. i walked in and this little adorable asian couple
was there with their teenage daughter. they both had big grins on their faces as we walked in
saying, "so cute," in their sweet little accents. the husband almost immediately asked if 
they were all mine, still grinning as big as ever.

yes, they're all mine. and i didn't roll my eyes when asked this time.
because for once, it was asked in such a way that made me feel like they were geniunely
excited that i had a brood of five little lads to care for.

they kept watching us and muttering so cute between moments of speaking a language 
i didn't understand. it was so sweet.
the husband asked  if we had a set of twins in the bunch
(also a question we get asked often).

no, no twins!

and goodness, when the sweet little wife asked what was inside, 
as she pointed to her own belly,
and i said a girl,

you seriously would have thought they were family,
just as excited as everyone else to find out we're finally getting our girl.

their voices got a notch louder with awes and congratulations.

i just smiled so big and my heart felt like it might burst from the sincere joy these
complete strangers expressed for us.

it was so refreshing to be asked about our crew, our rather large crew,
without the usual....

i don't know how you do it.
boy, your hands must be full.
i bet you stay busy.
and blaaah blah blaaah blah blaaah.
the usual things that are said in a less joyful way.

 it's like those sweet moments in the grocery store when you have all the kids
with you and the elderly couple you keep passing just smiles and stares
with such sweetness behind their eyes every time your carts pass.

you know the ones, right?

i'm thankful for this couple today, and for all the sweet older couples
that smile instead of glare.


our girl:
25wks 4days

our ultrasound last week. just look at her lips.
she's going to have big pouty lips like two of our other children.
measuring 1lb 13oz, right on track.


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  1. I had a similar experience this week as well when we were at a car lot looking for a car for my husband. The man who was so happy about our large family (we have 5) was also Asian! Its always such a rare and welcome blessing when someone expresses kind words about our more than 2-children family.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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