Wednesday, March 4, 2015

who's that boy? || third edition.

if you saw us at church on sunday, you may have noticed we had a little change
with our little baby two year old. 

he didn't look like this anymore.

daddy usually cuts the boys' hair. and usually all in one night.
he's good with the clippers. me, not so much.
but i can snip away with scissors and trim up my boys' hair like an amateur boss.

so we decided that we'd just go ahead a cut grey's hair this night, after dad cut everyone else's.
so these photos aren't the best. i had to use my wide angle zoom, at night, with our
awful indoor lighting, all while cutting his hair.

 after the initial curl cut.

 after i did my part with the scissors.
he was really great and easy. and he had said he was ready, and he was.
the only fussing i heard from him was when i was cutting his ponytail off.

daddy doing the trimming. the look he was giving those trimmers was great.

and done! 

they always grow up a bit after the first hair cut.
we usually hold off on the first cut for a couple reasons.
one, they are only babies once and only have that baby hair for a short time
and we love to enjoy it and run our fingers through it.
two, our boys have a little curl (except B, who had a ton of curl) and it's hard to cut
baby curls, ya know?
and three, with boys, once you jump on that hair-cuttin' train, there's no jumping off.
you have to maintain boy hair. and often. 
unless you plan on letting them grow their locks out.
but our kids have hair texture that just doesn't grow out right.
except B, again. of course.

my boy looks so much bigger with a big boy hair cut.
and now that we know we're having a girl, i was more okay with cutting his hair now.



I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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