Tuesday, April 21, 2015

baby 6 update: 31w 5d.

it feels like it's been a while since i've given a real update. 
so i wanted to do that for my frands that are far away and my family that is also far away.

today, i'm 31 weeks and 5 days. and i took these real camera photos yesterday.
and i'm only fancy because i had to leave the house and felt like being fancy.
it's a rare thing these days.
i see my midwife tomorry to get my belly measured and mashed around on.
i'm hoping she can tell me if baby girl is head up or head down. 
all the movement in my belly is at the bottom the past couple of weeks, 
so i'm anxious to know which way she is laying.
plus, she has been a pretty sleepy girl, busy growing and all.
but i will say that my braxton hicks contractions have also slowed with her current dormant state.
(she does move, i promise. she's just not the feisty little dancer she was up until now).
 some deets about how i am doing and feeling and all that.

first, i'm tired. like, really tired. and feeling so completely overwhelmed by
all the things that need to be done daily or weekly that i just can't seem to 
keep up with. so overwhelmed, in fact, that i had a meltdown on sunday over it.
my floors are gross, the dishes piled, and my laundry never stops.
and really, there's more. but i just feel behind. and i actually prefer
to have a tidy house, i just can't do it right now and it makes me feel so, so overwhelmed 
to the point of tears.
 bean and cheese burritos with extra salsa from rosa's are the real way to my heart right now.
and precut tropical fruit. and HEB's organic italian soda, peach bellini flavored. 
those are all i want to eat and drink. 
i wish i was kidding.
it's so nuts how tastes buds can change during this time. and how certain food textures
can mess with a motha's mouth.
most other foods just sound gross.
 i have blown up this go around. like, all that weight loss i pushed so hard for, 
it matters not. i'll be starting completely over.
and what is so crazy to me, is that my husband still finds me attractive.
with the giant belly. and the double chin. and the dimply legs for days.
i don't get it. but i am so grateful that God gave him a heart for me
that never changes. i think he unknowingly adapts to my looks,
and girls, i am so thankful. he loved me at my biggest, my smallest,
and my most pregnant. and found me attractive in all of those.
 the prenatal depression is still being kept in check. though, sometimes it does
threaten to overtake me. i still can't climb out of bed at a descent hour because
i truly sleep my best sleep in the later morning hours. and i always have.
plus mornings, gaahhhh. down with early mornings.

now i can only think about burritos and i forgot what i was going to say.
someone bring me half a dozen burritos, stat!
i kid. 


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