Friday, April 24, 2015

friday's top ten 04.24.2015

1. if you have never cooked hard boiled eggs in the oven, DO IT. 
so easy. and even when you're using free range or farm fresh eggs, guys, 
so. easy. to. peel. so easy. like, crazy easy. 
i decided the kids needed more than peanut butter protein in their lunch 
boxes, so i wanted to batch make eggs for the week.
and since a) school lunches are so costly and b) one of my 
children is showing the signs around his midsection that the school lunches
are doing him no. good. at. all. i've been trying to be more diligent in 
sending them with lunches from home.

2. guys. creepy parking lot stalkers. gosh. i don't like parking closer to the
back of the lot simply because there are so many people asking for money
or donations of some kind there. and dude, it's not cool when i have small children
with me and am in the eighth month of pregnancy. i do have my tazer, but still. 
there has to be a better way to get your donations.

3. so yesterday was interesting. i'm sitting in my bed for reasons i forget now.
(other than it being comfy and i'm largely pregnant and my feet get propped up).
and brennen, he's four, walks in and tells me that greyson just went pee in the toilet.
what the what?! he's been watching all the other male species in the house go pee,
but has utterly refused to do it himself. til yesterday. then he just kept right on truckin'. 
using that toilet like it was his job. i was so proud. he was diaperless all day long.
basically training himself, i'd say. except for the pooping. he so won't sit on the toilet.
so midday when he started saying his belly hurt, i knew why, but couldn't get him on the toilet. 
he'll get there. i mean, jonyn potty trained himself in a week at this age, too. true story.

i'm a really big believer in not forcing your kids on the toilet simply because of an age that
people "think" they should start using it. that's silly to me. if the bladder is not physically developed 
enough to keep from squirting out pee every 2.5 minutes, then hey, save yourself some heart ache
and wait til their little developing bladders are ready to hold it and
 squeeze it out only when prompted. my two cents on parenting for the day.
take it or leave it.

4. and in other news, let's talk about my oldest child. y'all. his hair stanks. like, all the time, 
even right after a shower. i can smell the shampoo, but then i can all smell the muskiness. mustiness? 
my pregnant brain doesn't know right now. musky, i believe. help a girl out.
also, smelly armpits. so that's started. *sigh
it's a new adventure in the chambers' household.

5. so. i like to paint my nails. and i don't like when they chip. 
so when i saw a gel hack on pinterest several months ago, i knew i had to try it. 
(and i have been meaning to share it with you).
momma can't be going to the nail salon every two weeks. 
ain't nobody got time for that. or moneys. 
here's the original post: CLICK HERE.
my modification:
polish, gel, polish, top coat. 
but only THAT brand of top coat she mentioned.
it dries ridiculously fast.
(get the gel coat and top coat at Sally's).
and also, my personal favorite polish is the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure.
(you can get that from target).

my nails last a week without chipping or peeling. 
which honestly is about the time i'm ready for a new color.
because i really love and thrive on change.
it's why i am not a consistent person in life. 
it's why i continually change what i want to be when i grow up.
it's why i rearrange my furniture all the time. 
it's why i paint my walls more than what is probably necessary.
but i digress.

6. y'all. seven weeks and six days left until my estimated due date.
pray with me now that she comes on june 20th. that's my date. 
that's what i have my sights set on.
{photo from yesterday, at 32wks}

7. i have been trying to get outside more. in the afternoon, after the kids after school chores are done,
i have been letting them go out front and and ride their toys and kick and throw balls around.
and i've been sitting out there with them.
natural vitamin d is so life giving. i always forget how much so.

8. the latest episode of grey's anatomy. gaaahhhhhh. 
that's all i'll say about that.

9. so i have been drinking third trimester tea on the daily hoping my over worked
uterus will be nice and toned by the time it's go time.
i have my clary sage essential oils all ready to slather on my ankles to give labor a jump start.
and i'm doing a daily-ish squat to try and help my pelvis stay open and help her descend.
(although as of right now, she's butt down. and i have no doubts she'll flip when
she's good and ready.)
my 40 week mark is june 18th, my birthday is june 19th, and i so desperately
want her to have her own birth date, like all the other kids,
so on june 20th, it is go time for me, meaning, i will start seriously trying 
to naturally induce and get my girl here so i can see her sweet face. 
and yes, we are doing another home birth, if you were wondering.

10. i really, really love my husband. 
i am a lucky girl. super, super blessed. 
it has sometimes been a hard road to travel in our marriage.
but nowadays we rarely argue or fight. and when we do, it's not a blow up,
and it's over faster than i can even believe. he lets me lounge around right now
without a single complaint. he's not worried about our sticky floors, even though i am.
he does the dishes. he sweeps. and he still goes to work on the daily to bring home the bacon that
 allows us the ability to keep me here at home with the little ones.
i have much respect for his attitude about life. our life. the lives of others. his life.
i just want to brag on him. i don't do it enough. i don't tell him enough.
 i don't thank him enough. and i may not even hug him enough. 
but i'm beyond grateful for his heart. his heart for life, for me, for our kids.
he's the perfect spouse for me. he was made to be with me all of our days. 
i'm so appreciative of him.
love you, honey.


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