Tuesday, April 7, 2015

random baby thoughts.

my little peanut just can't decide if she likes to be head down or right side up.
so, she flips. and flops. in the most uncomfortable of ways. 
and last night, laying in bed, i could feel her turning from side to side.
i could feel her limbs with my hands as she tossed from side to side.
hmph, just like her momma, i suppose.
{29wks 3days}

lately, when she does actually flop to the head down birthing position,
her kicks feel like they are going to come straight out of my stomach.
she's a strong one.
i mean, she's going to have to be with a greyson-child as a big brother. oi. 
 i saw from her 3d sono what she might look like. 
of course, they still never come out looking quite like you think they will.
i only know she'll get the big pouty lips, which i am excited about for her.
but who will she look like, really? and will she get my temper? or my creativity?
will she be easy going like daddy, with his ability to retain all the knowledge? 
will she be nurturing like kanyon?
will she be a spit fire like greyson? or a geeky nerdy-nerd like taylan?
or as energetic and bouncy as b? maybe serious as heck like jo?
although, she's a busy little girl in utero, so probably not that last one. 
it will be an exciting ride. after you have so many children from the same parents,
you can totally start to see the same traits shared by a few of them.
so i will be watching and waiting to see what bits and pieces she 
has in her personality from the other seven of us.
i had one brother growing up. so it is hard for me to imagine coming into a family
as the eighth member. but i know she will fit right in from the get-go. and i know
it'll be as natural as newborn sleep for her to be in our family.
she's already ours. she already belongs. my prayer is that she, and all my children,
always feel like they belong.

and i know i can do a better job at making my older kids feel that way as they transition
out of boyhood into the mystical, hormonal, scary world of changing voices,
and changing bodies, and raging hormones.
bless them.
and Lord, help us as parents.

and i never would have thought my kids would span twelve years and we would be
going through such different phases from pre-pubescent to newborn, at the same time.
yet, here we are, traversing both realms together.
it's a far cry from the days when i had two toddlers running around by themselves.
but this is our life, our current, our now. 
so we can embrace it or fight it.
and just like i always, always embrace my age,
i want to figure out how to embrace these wildly different stages in life with my boys
and my one sweet girl.


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