Wednesday, May 20, 2015

he's 12.

t w e l v e. 
how can this even be? i have a twelve year old?! 
well, there is a lot to like about 12. 
let's talk about that independence!
though, twelve year olds are not always rational little creatures.
in fact, mine can be a smidge moody at times.
and he got his first pimple. and dad had to have a grooming 
conversation about the unibrow sitch that can easily happen with our boys.

but nonetheless, he's a pretty awesome kid.
still loves his science. and minecraft. and his books.
and being by himself. he's just wired to not always enjoy being around four other brothers.
i get it, man. i do. sometimes i don't want to be around the boys or any other person
on this earth, either.

i really don't know if he was more excited about a kindle gift card this year,
or a minecraft torch. it's a weird place to be in at this stage...
... still sort of clinging to toys, but also wanting to grow up and cling to 
more adult things, like books and games rated for older children,
and attempting to blend in to adult conversations.
and wanting to go out with friends to the movies
i mean, what is that?! le sigh.

either way, he is totally rad kid. i wouldn't trade him.
maybe i'd trade some of his attitude for rainbows and a unicorn, 
but, preteen, man, preteen. need i say more?

we love you so, so much. we're thankful you got to be the first born.
we're thankful you help watch the other kids.
we're just thankful for Y O U
because you are one amazing kid. even with your first pimple that we
laughed with you about. you're growing up. and we just hope you know
you are loved and adored and one of the best gifts we could have asked for.
follow your heart, bud. 

happiest of birthdays, dude.


the traditional boys on the bench line up.

singing to the birthday kid.

and then there's the greyson pout, because he didn't get to blow the candles out.
but, when you're just two, we relight one so you can blow that sucker out.
insta-happy toddler.
 and yes, in the span of one week, he managed to color himself with 
four different sharpie colors.
and no, i do not have an obsession with markers and office supplies.
pfft. pfft. [shifty eyes]

please, try not to be jealous of my super fancy wrapping job. 
also, when he gave us his birthday day wish list,
it literally said "all minecraft stuff" before he listed everything.


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  1. Brooke, he is such a handsome young man. Good job guys!!!!


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