Tuesday, May 19, 2015

life lately 05.19.2015


baby is always in our bed. i don't mind so much. he very likely won't still be here 
when he's 12. so, cosleep it is.

mother's day belly shot. 05.10.2015
i'm super ready to have this girl. i hit 36 weeks in a couple of days.
but i've basically just been sleeping the last three weeks away
due to a slight miscommunication about my meds, 
which i'm sure is my fault due to pregnancy brain farts,
so i couldn't keep my eyes open. ever. 
all that should improve this next week.

also, my 33rd birthday is one month from today.
also, i did something crazy today.
also, i am expecting a product in the mail, which i'll soon share alllll about, that i'm
hoping will give me a boost of energy this last month.
*hyperventilating now. holy crap. one month to go. 
someone hold me. and come clean my house. 
and bring me a burrito. mkay thanks.*

oh, hey handsome blue eyed boy. i love that his eyes are still so brilliantly blue.
he's been our happiest little boy of the bunch. 
and crazy enough, that also means he is our most sensitive. he gets his feelings hurt the easiest.
also, kids that can buckle themselves?
yes, please, all the live long day. 
there are many things to love about kids getting older.
i really do not live in the i wish they were babies again.
i live in the this is the here, this is the now, embrace it.
and sometimes lock it in a room with a tv and a snack, yo.

sure, kid, take your almond milk to the couch after i just told you twelve times in a row to take
it to the table. but, whatevs.

my sweet kids remembered that they have been getting me these special strawberries 
for mother's day for the last four-ish years. 
and yup, totally ate them all in one sitting.
it's what you must do if you don't want one of your five children to get to them before you do.

 there is really no telling what's on this kid's face. but he asked for a photo, so.

moody and serious? 
yes. jonyn, to a T.

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