Tuesday, May 26, 2015


welp, i'm sitting here babysitting my computer because i don't want to forget about it
because i'm uploading photos from 2012 to a *gasp* printed album, 
and i seriously don't want my computer to fall asleep and stop mid upload. 

it is seriously sad how often i used my big camera compared how often i do not use it now.
i have to start picking it up more. the phone is so easy to just grab and snap, 
and i do have my phone images printed to actual albums automatically,
so there's the convenience factor there.

but i must be better. i miss the beauty in everyday photos, even the most random of
shots i used to take. such beauty in simplicity. i have been deeply considering bringing 
back my "simple moments" project. i was participating in a project 52, but yeah,
in classic form, i fell behind and basically quit.
i'm a flaky human.

and at the moment, the boys, all four big ones, are gathered around one ipad
as they "play" a physics app. it really makes my heart happy and reminds me of one more
benefit to homeschooling next year: i get to watch as they learn and grow.
that never really gets old.
after this year, i am looking forward to having all my ducklings in the house again.
i will have a much lighter teaching load this year,
and i plan on making getting out of the house more a bigger priority.

i tried out a homeschooling co-op last year, but ended up being the only momma
with very small children and the co-op met during naptime.
it just didn't work for us. so this next year, we'll just get out more on our own time.

oh you guys, this baby. she's head down, using my bladder as a punching bag,
but growing. and i'm growing, my weight gain is redonk, but hey, 
it is what it is. and i'm growing a human. and my taste palate hates all the healthy things
i should be consuming.

but one thing i am ready for? other than the obvious, let's get her out and meet her?
the nesting to kick in. 
so. much. to. do.
or at least, it feels like so much. my house is actually in decent shape right now.
i just need to mop the floors and scrub the bathtub.
what is not in decent shape is the status of the laundry pile. sheesh.
but not to worry, i's got plans.
as soon as the big kids are out of school,
we are going to spend a day, or three, catching it all up together.
and then i'm going to come up with a new plan to keep it caught up over the summer
and during the next school year.
the good news is that as of this moment, everyone has clean pants and underwear. 
and yes, that's a real issue in my house lately.

and her baby bed is currently piled almost as high as i am tall with stuff that simply 
needs to be put away. but the rest of the house is relatively clean. for now.

i have cooked twice this week already. do you even know what an accomplishment that is for
me these days? quite a big one.

so greyson has this thing. you know how sometimes with your kids you just can't help
but kiss them 512 times in a row because you're so in love with them?
yeah, greyson does that with me sometimes, and his kissy place of choice
is the back of my arm. the fattiest part he can get his big little lips on.
yup. that's my life. but it's sweet. i'm glad my bitty ones like the squishy parts of me.

 bedtime, you guys. we have a basic routine that we follow nightly,
but holy cow, it is still a battle. the six year old is afraid of the dark,
but if i leave the hall light on, they play. if i turn it off, they get up 
eleventy million times. i mean, it is totally lose lose. 
and y'all, i'm a stickler for bed times. my kids rarely go to bed past 8:30.
i buh-leed in the well rested child. 
and yet, my boys take for.ev.er to go to sleep. 

so hey, that's what's on my mind.
until next time.


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