Monday, June 1, 2015

birth month :: baby 6

it's birth month. we're on baby watch.

day 263, 37 weeks + 4 days.

and as i am nearing the end of this pregnancy, i am thinking on a few things, preparing my mind
and my body and my emotions. i know what natural labor feels like now. i know 
the pains. i know the immediate sweetness the second baby is out. i know
the natural momma-baby highs that happen because of all the feel good hormones 
released during an unmedicated birth (and medicated, but i'm only referring to
the birth i'm about to have.) 

i know what to expect. i know contractions do hurt. but i'm ready. i'm reminding 
myself daily that i need to stay relaxed during those contractions. and i get plenty 
of practice because of the braxton hicks contractions i'm having allthetime.
and i have moved on from the non-painful bh's to the painful ones. mine actually
hurt these past several weeks. and i had a billion the other night, even waking me from
my sleep and some of them were strong enough and painful enough that i got good
practice relaxing my face and body. i tend to tense up in the face when i have them,
so i'm working on that before real labor starts. and breathing deeply into the bottom of my belly.

with grey, i just forgot to breathe deeply. i was breathing so shallow and fast that i got 
light headed a couple of times. that was during transition, the hardest part of labor.
so, i'm trying to practice not breathing like that again and relaxing deeply into my own body.
i know in the moment, it won't be easy to do or remember if i haven't practiced and gotten
in to the habit of relaxing my whole body when the contractions hit.

my house is still messy. and the laundry is still piled, but i woke up the other day and
just thought, ya know, i'm okay if i never nest with this little peanut and my house is 
sort of unkempt and my laundry isn't caught up and there are dirty dishes and dirty floors. 
at least my bedroom is mostly clean, which is probably where i'll birth her, like i 
birthed greyson. so bring on the baby vibes.

i would not be sad if baby girl decided to come early. none of my babies were early birds,
but all my babies were boys. maybe a baby chambers girl will decide to be different. as long as 
she comes either before the 12th, or after the 16th, since one of my boys will be at camp during
those days. i can't imagine birthing a sibling with one of my other kidlets not here.

i'm predicting the 16th. it's the day that's been on my mind. (even though greyson was 10
days over, i'm still betting on the 16th). the estimated due date is the 18th, so what is your guess?


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