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our {home}birth story. baby 6.

My little Miss is laying beside me sound asleep, and I just scarfed down lunch,
so I figured now would be a good time to tell her story.

My whole pregnancy was what my husband likes to call a season of hibernation.
I slept all nine months away, and when I wasn't sleeping, I was piled up in my bed
with my feet up. I started having braxton hicks contractions right at the 20 week mark,
and they grew in frequency throughout. The last couple of weeks, we actually 
had false labor more than once and ended up calling the midwife more then once just to 
put her on stand by. I kept having contractions that were a little painful and they would
consistently be five minutes apart, and once, three minutes apart, but always fizzled out
after no more than two-ish hours.

Those last couple of weeks, she was sitting really low in my pelvic area. I felt bruised
and so sore every darn day for weeks. My calves were swollen for those last couple weeks, too,
perhaps even for that whole last month. And my feet decided to swell so much I couldn't
get my sandals on anymore. I had to resort to my most hated shoe: the flip flop. 
I did manage to squeeze on some older tennies though, so I could walk without my feet 
dying from lack of support and being rubbed by the stupid flips.

I went to bed several nights leading up to her birth thinking... this is the night. Probably 
more wishful thinking than anything. I was so uncomfortable and I hurt every day that I just
really wanted her out of me. We tried many methods of natural induction, but most don't
really work unless baby is actually ready to come out. So I like to believe that all the things we
tried just helped the process once she was ready to eject herself from my body.

The night before she was born, I went to bed as usual, got up to pee as usual, but one of those
times after I laid back down, I felt a little sick to my stomach, had a few chills, but my body
never cleaned itself out (like it did with Greyson), so I didn't even think much of it.
Though, looking back, it was probably a sign of my impending labor.

The next morning was like any other. I woke up and stayed in bed, taking my usual morning nap.
Yes, after Toby left, I totally went back to sleep almost everyday. That is just how much of a 
toll this pregnancy took on me. (Sometimes I would even nap again in the afternoon. Or doze
on and off all the live long day. Hence, the reason my honey called it hibernating).
{last belly shot. 40 weeks. 6 days.}

Around 9:30 or so that morning, I started having more contractions, which I was ready to chalk up to 
braxton hicks, only they were feeling a little more crampy than all the other ones I had
had up until this point. Still, I didn't think a whole lot of it until I finally crawled out of bed 
around 10:15 and went pee, only to find blood on the toilet paper and blood clumps in the 
toilet. (by the way: it's going to be a messy story, just to give you a warning.)
I started crying and said out loud, "Thank God!" I can't even explain to you the amount of relief I felt
when I saw red on the toilet paper. Finally! It was time!

I texted Toby and said, "we're having a baby today!!!!!!!!!!!"
him: NOW?!
me: I'm bleeding some. Calling Dawn in a minute.
Totally normal! Don't freak out!
him: You know me so well... :)

At this point, the contractions were still 7-8 minutes apart. I was still walking around doing last
minute things, pausing through surges. With my last birth, it was fast and furious,
2 hours, 20 minutes from the first contraction til the birth (just for reference).
So we thought we were in for a quickie birth. I called the midwife, I called my mom, 
and Toby headed home. I labored for a while, standing up, because that was the most comfortable
way with the least amount of pain. In between contractions, I'd sit with my feet up,
because like I said, from the knees down, I was swollen and my legs and feet were getting

Once things started progressing, and I had been wiping blood every time I went to the bathroom,
we decided to call Dawn (midwife) when I had another clot in the toilet, a little bigger than
quarter size. I was wearing a pad this whole time because I was passing blood with each
contraction and potty break. It wasn't flowing, so there was no cause for concern.

Dawn and Hannah (her intern) arrived around 2:15 or 2:30 and monitored me, checking on baby
every thirty minutes. Dawn did a check on me since I was bleeding so much and I was 7-8cm
and 90% effaced. It was comforting to know I had progressed so much already.
We were all on high alert, knowing things could quickly progress
at any minute. However, this labor was already longer than my last, so I found things to be
unpredictable at this point.

Toby was with me through nearly every contraction, though he had to step out on occasion to handle
the boys and refill my water. But once he noticed they were getting stronger,
and I was breathing deeper and louder, he stayed right next to me rubbing my back and reminding
me to breathe and encouraging me, telling me I could do this. Around 4ish, Dawn and Hannah
made their way into my room with me to monitor the baby every 15 minutes through a contracton.
During one, Hannah actually had to move the doppler down as the baby descended. That was 
kind of neat, to know my baby and body were doing exactly what they needed to do. Baby's 
heartbeat never once dipped. She was great.

I was still passing blood at this point with every bathroom break, so I had my undies on the whole time to prevent a big mess. Little did I know...

Here is where time escapes me. At some point, the contractions were coming so hard that I started
verbalizing, moaning, through each contraction, focusing on my breaths... all the way in, 
all the way out, no shallow breathing. I had several really, really hard contractions.
They were getting closer, but not back to back. Through the strong ones, I felt it natural
to sway my hips and dip them, like a mini squat. My dresser is about chin height for me
so I found it to be what I wanted to hang on to. Eventually I moved one hand to grab onto 
Toby's hand, and still kept my other on the dresser. I now know I was going through
transition with these. In fact, I had one and thought, I need to take my underwear off soon.
Then I had another and thought, I'm going to take my undies off as soon as this one ends.

And right at the tail end of that one, my water broke, and I said, "I need to push!"
So it was go time, and everyone scrambled to get the floor pads down. There was so much
fluid, so much. And it was mixed with blood, which still, there wasn't cause for concern.

I asked if we could move over beside the bed where I could put my hands on the bed.
Toby had his hand under mine, and I learned later that I was giving him the death squeeze
and his wedding ring was cutting into his hand. I really had no idea I was squeezing that hard.
Another contraction went by, but I didn't feel like I should push just yet.

Then the next one came and I had my feet apart and my knees bent in a very slight squat and
I beared down with all I had in me. I remember saying that I couldn't get her head out.
And for me, this is when the real pain started to hit. I felt her head ease back up just a tad,
and I waited for the next contraction. I knew that I could not keep trying to push 
with no results, so I had determined in my head that with the next surge, it would be the last push.
So when I felt that need with the next contraction, I gave it all I had and managed to get her head through, and at some point saying, "get her out! I need her out!" and then her shoulders came out
and my baby was born into Hannah's hands! And of course, with her coming out,
more fluid came out, more blood. It was so messy, like crazy messy. All four of us had 
blood and fluid on us.

Hannah passed the baby to me through my legs, and she was a bloody mess, with vernix all
over her, despite her being a day shy of 41 weeks.
After a minute, Dawn asked me to lay down on the bed, but I could not get a foot hold 
because the floor pads were so soaked I kept slipping every time I put my foot down. 
So once we got that worked out, I climbed up in the bed and put the baby down beside me so 
the midwives could do their thang and check the baby over.

Then it was time to deliver the placenta. So on the next contraction, I pushed as hard 
as I could while laying on my side. And she started wiggling the placenta out like they do.
Only, mine didn't come out, it severed from the cord, and Dawn acted so quickly and
reached up in there and grabbed it (missing it the first time, and reaching again) and
pulled the detached placenta out of me. It was a little scary since I had no idea what
was actually happening. She reacted so quickly. She said she couldn't believe how calm I was,
but honestly, I had no reason to freak out, because I didn't know what was happening just yet.

She showed us where the cord had become severed. And basically, that's why I bled so much.
The cord was partially severed in utero causing blood from the cord and the placenta to make
it's way out of me. And there was even more blood that came with the placenta being delivered.
Greyson's birth was incredibly clean, so this was definitely different. (After a shower,
 Dawn did check me to make sure no placenta was left inside.)

Dawn never really said any scary words regarding her cord, except to say that she was a very
lucky little girl, and Someone was watching out for her and wanted her here. 
I couldn't find much information on the umbilical cord severing from the placenta,
but from what I could gather, this baby could have had a very different story.
I thank God that she didn't. And it took a couple of days for it to sink in that we were
lucky and blessed and we could have lost her if she had brewed too much longer.
Toby thinks that this is the reason my body wanted to rest and stay laid up in bed
during the whole pregnancy. Maybe it was.

Along with that bit of crazy, her cord was in a natural knot. At some point early on,
she swam herself into a loop and knotted up her cord. At her sono, the cord
was pulsing just as it should. And with every appointment, her heartbeat was perfect.
{natural knot.}

 {first poo. which i missed, because i was holed up in the bathroom trying to clean up.}

{hater of the baby wipe.}

{daddy got to weigh her.}

She is amazing and I can't believe I get to mother a little girl. I know having a daughter is 
special. But after five boys (that I would not trade for anything), she is so, so special
to me. I want her super close to me all the time. She's so beautiful, and my momma
says she looks like I did when I was a baby. 

We are six days postpartum and she nurses like a champ, sleeps in regular spurts,
though all I wanna do is hold her while she sleeps, and she stays awake for insane
amounts of time for only being just born. Her brothers love her. Greyson loved her
immediately, Brennen wasn't sure at first, but is finally coming around and rubbing
her head and kissing her. And the bigger three adore her, too.

And that's the birth of Ruby Penelope.
June 24th, 2015
7lbs 8oz
19" long
 {two days old.}


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  1. Beautiful. I'm sitting here in tears and I am so so happy for you.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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