Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ruby's first bath.

//i'll be playing catch up on the blog over the next couple of days. 
so you've been warned about the upcoming overload.//  

there are a lot of things we do differently than a lot people in our area.
like homebirth.
and homeschool.
and babywearing.
and other things.
well, we also didn't bathe our newborn baby right away.
studies have shown that delaying bath can be a very positive thing.
so we did. 
for two weeks.
and let's be honest. she only got a bath this day because of a poo'splosion and
a long string of spitting up that made her smelly.

july 10, 2015

 she was tiny! and still had her long hair! she's since had two more bathings. 
i know. that's like on the crazy side of crunchy. but babies smell so good that i don't
think they need a bath nightly.

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