Friday, August 28, 2015

washington, aug 2, 2015.

i took a ton of photos during my trip to WA this year.
i'm pretty sure that i took some every day i was there, except the very first day,
when we stopped at ikea on the way to my besties house.
my camera was still in my suitcase, and ikea is fantasticly amazing,
but just not as pretty as the outdoors in WA. 

so i decided i'm just going to post the photos by the day they were taken.
a few days will only have one image, and others will have toooonnnnnssssss.

Leslie, i am missing you, but i cannot even tell you how thankful i am for texting.

anyways, so my second day there we took some photos of the girls together 
(because she had her girl a few months before i had mine).
we did not plan to be pregnant together, but it was so amazing
because in the end, we both got the daughters we had been dreaming of
and we are raising them separately by miles, but together in heart.

i'm printing this one below B I G and hanging it in Ruby's space. 
aren't they just precious together?!

and the hand holding... swoon!

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