Friday, August 28, 2015

washington, aug 3, 2015

at my house, we didn't have hardly anything baby because i wanted to be
minimalistic and not go too crazy with the things i could buy, 
knowing she was definitelyforsurenotkidding going to be the last baby.
plus, i don't have too much extra space for it. 

but leslie had one of these rockers, that i had no idea were even a thing.
i don't really keep up.
but ruby is the kind of girl that likes to be put down sometimes,
you can't always hold her all the time. so i put her in this rocker during one of 
her put me down fussy moments.

and bam. she's out!

at some point, i texted toby a picture of her in it and said i needed one!
and less than ten minutes later, my mom randomly texted me a picture of one and
said i got this for you for $25! i mean, mind reader.

i also got her her first toy and a playmat (because she also loved that, too),
thanks to my mom in law!

and ps. she totally starting taking the paci five minutes before we got off the plane,
just as she was getting fussy and hungry.
what timing she has!


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