Saturday, August 29, 2015

washington, aug 5, 2015

this day was fun! it was the first time i'd seen this ocean.

but first! some baby photos.
and a kitten. this kitten could be naughty, like most, but it still does
not help my desire to get a black kitten NOW. i'm going to wait, though,
because babies + kittens don't mix. amirite, Leslie?
but still, isn't she adorable? 
and she's still in the full on clumsy stage, so she's hilarious.
 and it looks like she has see through ears.

the many faces of Penelope.

i saved the best one for last. 
i cracked up the second i saw it.
it's probably my fave photo of her thus far.

also, do you love her turban headband? 
because i do. and obvs, she thinks amazing, she's basically pointing at it.
which basically means she's a genius.

later we had planned on going to the zoo, but once there, it was pretty packed.
 right before you get to the zoo, though, there is this beautiful flower garden area, 
so we stopped to check it out and take some photos.
now, please be forgiving, because i cannot photograph red to save my life.
nor can i edit it.

this was they way in and i'm pretty sure that if all those mini roses on the trellis arch thing 
had been in bloom, it would have been even more gorgeous.

also, i now feel like it's my mission in life to plant a dahlia garden.
all the dahlias. all of them.

so then we started heading up to the zoo area, but like i said, so busy. so we headed to go do 
something else. but then i noticed a sign that said Owen Beach, 
and it happened to be one of the beaches they had not visited yet. so we went there, instead!

it was amazing and breezy and NOT 100F+ like Texas.
it was dreamy.


tiny dead crab.

it was cold as a bleep, but i haaaaaad to. 

it was Rubes' first everything. trip, beach, ocean, vacation.

and my first ever jellyfish. we actually saw four or five. i reaaallllyyyy wanted to touch
because i like to touch things for the texture.

and another jelly.

i could totally live in this area. i love this place even more than when i visited
two years ago. it's so beautiful. it's green (well, usually. they're having a bit of a dry season), 
and the temps are just amazing, and i actually like that it (typically) rains a ton.

washington, you got me swoonin'. 


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  1. Looks like you ladies had a good time! What gorgeous photos!! I'll bet you could make prints of some of the floral ones and put them on Etsy.


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