Sunday, August 30, 2015

washington, aug 6, 2015.

so Leslie has a space downstairs set up for photo taking,
so we headed down there on this day to see if we couldn't get more photos 
of the two girls together again. it didn't manage to get any of them together,
but i did take advantage and i got some of Ruby. after all, she did just turn six weeks old
the day before. 

she couldn't hold that head up for very long, but she sure tried.
and i'm so glad i took so many photos on this trip. 
it really has inspired me to try and take more here at home regularly.
and i have!

this one below... all the heart eyes. i adore it. i'll be printing it large, as well.

she started going bald days before our trip. her hair has grown back in really fast since this photo.

because i had to. the cry face is a classic.

also another favorite below. and i'm not sure if i had her headband too low, or if she managed to spin it around herself.


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