Tuesday, September 1, 2015

first {family of 8} mini vacay.

Days before the boys and I went to Oklahoma to visit family (and I went to WA),
our van window decided to be a jerk and stop rolling up. One of the boys rolled it down,
and through no fault of his own, he couldn't roll it back up. 
And by roll, I do mean push the button. Anyways, there was basically no way I could
drive 10 hours (turned 11) up there without a window, mostly for safety reasons.

So two days before I went, we got a new van. A black 12 passenger van. 
Our thoughts are that we want space as the kids grow, space for the luggage, and
space to haul around the boys' friends with us. So during my 2 1/2 weeks in OK and VA,
Toby texted me at some point wanting to take our first family mini vacay as a whole family.
So, we loaded up in the Millennium FalVan and headed to Abilene and Dallas for the weekend.

I only have big camera photos of the zoo, and mostly just of the boys because that's the fun part,
watching them. After the zoo, we went to Dallas to go to Medieval Times. The boys absolutely
loved the show they put on there. I watched the majority of it,  but mostly, I was holding
and feeding the baby. And also trying to stay in my little space, while sitting next to a space
invader that actually put her dirty napkin on my place mat. true story. I got elbowed a few times
by the same chick. But hey, it's all good. I just wish I hadn't focused so much on trying not to
invade her space and focused more on watching the boys' reactions. At any rate, it was worth it.
The boys came home with swords and shields. So, winning! Except for when they 
bust each others lips, there's that.

This fall, probably late fall, I think we're going to load up and go see The Grand Canyon.
You guys, I seriously just learned it is only 12 hours away from where we live. TWELVE!
So doable. And I am so glad we have our giant ride now.
But just know, if you decide to drive up the wrong way in the parking lot row 
and I'm going the right way, I will not move, because my ride takes up the whole space. 
This may or may not have already happened.

Both of these make me laugh. Once upon a time my preteens actually smiled for me.
But rarely does Greyson just look in my direction without being goofy.
However, Brennen is solid with his posing skillz.

{feeding my girl, pointing out birds and ducks to the little ones.

The whole trip was fun. We even went to Braum's (yasss!) and had breakfast at Denny's.
We do still get stared at like we're crazy people because of our family size.
But typically, they are very good kiddos out in public.


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